About Mevo

Mevo was founded in Porsgrunn, Norway in 2015 by Kent R. Bråthen and Kristian Grønevet.

The idea came about when they approached a challenge from their uniquely different backgrounds: Kent from sales and distribution, Kristian from design and technology.

The challenge? Creating a fun retail sales training platform where brands can educate and motivate external sales teams.

The entrepreneurs knew very well how hard it is for brands to connect to their frontline. They are just so damn far away!

If they only could reach them, Kent and Kristian had the perfect recipe to boost engagement and performance: The magic combo of product training AND sales contests. And although they both had a clear vision of a solution that could do this, they couldn’t find the right tools.

Kent’s experience from sales contests and activations was through Excel forms and phone calls. Kristian had built some custom web pages that could do the job. Surely, there was a better and easier way?

The solution was right at their fingertips: An app.

Very obvious, of course. But no one else was offering a sales contest platform where brands could reach their frontline salespeople directly with fun product training and sales incentives combined. And that’s the short version of how Mevo got started.

Add a heavy dose of gamification, solid research on the effects of micro-learning, and an absolute and total focus on a fully branded experience – and you get the core of our solution that so many brands and their frontline crews use and appreciate today.

Careers at Mevo

We are currently looking for a Customer Success Manager and Full Stack Developers for our office in Skien.

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