Tiffany Trautman

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Learning to be Happy, Happy To Be Learning

How Learning Makes Staff Happier And More Productive Learning Makes Us Happy Did you know that learning actually makes you happier? No, really. Researchers have found that one of the things that people need to be happy is to be engaged in challenging-yet-achievable activities, and to be constantly learning new things in appetizingly bite-sized chunks. This is …

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Join Mevo’s Partner Program!

Strategic Partnerships & Partner Marketing for SaaS Partner up Mevo is partnering with leading eCommerce agencies and other various consultancies around the world to improve training and motivation for everyone. With exclusive benefits and insights, partners are equipped to better serve mutual customers, grow their business and generate leads. Whether you’re already a business owner …

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6 Ways To Spice Up Your Sales Contest

Here’s how you can add a little flavor to your next sales campaign. Using gamification can increase engagement and motivation in the workplace. It’s no wonder why more and more companies are beginning to incorporate gamification as a part of their own sales strategy. But just throwing the same old sales contest over and over …

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Information regarding employee discounts and gifts

When planning your MEVO campaign, it’s important to know what prizes are considered acceptable – and legal – to reward the winners. In December 2018, new legislation regarding employee discounts and gifts was enacted here in Norway. Here is what that legislation entails: Employee discounts are not considered taxable income up to NOK 8,000 per …

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Make e-learning great again

The staggering growth of e-learning in the corporate sector comes as no surprise to any of us. In today’s ever-connected society, e-learning offers oodles of benefits for both learners and organizations alike. E-learning eliminates the need for pricey printed course materials and onsite instructors, which greatly reduces overhead expenses and lowers organizations’ environmental impact. Plus, …

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