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Information regarding employee discounts and gifts

When planning your MEVO campaign, it’s important to know what prizes are considered acceptable – and legal – to reward the winners. In December 2018, new legislation regarding employee discounts and gifts was enacted here in Norway. Here is what that legislation entails: Employee discounts are not considered taxable income up to NOK 8,000 per …

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Unlocking MEVO success

Want to know the winning combination to ensure your MEVO campaign is a success? Here are some hot tips from our experts to help you achieve your goals. Motivate A key component of the Mevo strategy is friendly competition. Whether internal or external, a fun competition can increase motivation, enhance productivity and performance, and adds …

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Amazon: The Battle for the Nordics

The annexation of a nation Amazon is invading Scandinavia, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Swedish real estate magazine, Fastighetsvärlden, reported the retail giant bought 3 plots of land in central Sweden. They also launched Amazon Web Services back in April 2017, and acquired the domain, which presently directs to the .de …

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Make e-learning great again

The staggering growth of e-learning in the corporate sector comes as no surprise to any of us. In today’s ever-connected society, e-learning offers oodles of benefits for both learners and organizations alike. E-learning eliminates the need for pricey printed course materials and onsite instructors, which greatly reduces overhead expenses and lowers organizations’ environmental impact. Plus, …

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RetailEXPO 2019: Rise of the Machines?

To find out more about how technology is changing the playing field, Mevo spent two incredible days in London at RetailEXPO 2019. There, we gained crucial insight as to how we can adapt, overcome, and emerge victorious in this Darwinian terrain. Whether consumers realize it or not, the market is evolving at an exponential rate. …

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