- A great motivation boost to sell the best smartphones on the market!

One of the users from an anonymized survey


This increasingly popular smartphone brand is winning the hearts of both tech reviewers and consumers across the world. With award-winning technology, especially when it comes to the camera, they are now competing in the top segment of the mobile market.

Huawei wanted to educate the telecommunication employees at one of Norway’s largest electronics stores. Their goal was to make it easier for them to offer Huawei phones as an alternative for customers who don’t know the brand or the products. As Huawei is still not very well known among the consumers, it was important to establish the brand as a solid alternative with excellent functionality.

The campaign involved 276 active users

80 stores across Norway

Period of 6 weeks

2281 quizzes with over 12.000 questions were answered

At the end of the campaign, 98,2% of the users reported to be happy with the app and the contest. And 85% reported to be more motivated to keep on selling Huawei, even after the campaign was over.


- Great quizzes that gave me good and concrete selling points that are easy to communicate to the customer

One of the users from an anonymized survey


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