The Mevo campaign opened up new opportunities to reach out to the sales force of Miele Norge. We connect with retailers in a way that works best for them. And we have a swiftness in communication that is new to our branch.

Stian Normann-Arvesen
Sales Director, Miele Norway


This well known German domestic appliance manufacturer is represented in every appliance chain in Norway. Miele has been with Mevo since the very beginning.

Miele’s widespread store presence can offer challenges when it comes to keeping continuous and direct contact with sales operations in all the different stores. For their first Mevo campaign, Miele chose one chain of stores which covers the entire country of Norway. They ran a broad competition based on sales within each product category, as well as a number of quizzes about the brand and its products.

The goal was to create a greater engagement in the stores, to ensure that the customers meet knowledgeable and dedicated representatives. A survey done after the first campaign shows that the participants found it both inspiring and informative.

Miele has been with us since the very beginning.

They have had many different campaigns.

Customer Success Story - Miele Norge | Mevo Sales Gamification App

- We really like how easy it is to communicate through MevoApp. You have a complete overview of what knowledge is shared, and can send out messages frequently and accurately.

Stian Normann-Arvesen
Sales Director, Miele Norway

Customer Success Story - Miele Norge | MEVO - #1 Sales Contest App

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