- MevoApp gives us the opportunity to steer the focus of our sales towards our retailers in a simple and smart way. We have noticed a valuable increase in sales of accessories. Additionally, it’s very fun to see how the app binds the sales teams more than ever before.

Christian Reitan
Marketing manager VW
Møller Bil

Møller Bil

Møller Bil is Norway’s largest car distributor, representing Audi, Volkswagen, Škoda and Seat in Norway. It was founded by Harald Aars Møller back in 1936, and has proudly imported and sold Volkswagen in Norway since 1948.

The car industry is rapidly changing these days, driven by a focus on the environment and new technology like electric drivelines, car-sharing services, stricter emissions laws, and a general change in customer behavior that the car industry has not seen since the oil crisis of 1973.

The clever guys at Møller Bil know - change is just another way of saying ‘opportunity’. So they have a strong focus on technology and innovation within their company, and we are very proud to be able to assist them with internal communication and knowledge-driven sales activities. 

Møller Bil has 68 dealerships.

Møller Bil has over 750 000 end customers.

Møller Bil is represented in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Møller Bil, Norway Car Dealership Success Story | Mevo Norway AS

- For us at Mevo, it’s incredibly interesting to see how Møller took the initiative and reimagined new uses for our software - especially since they control their own distribution channels, unlike most of our customers. But it’s great to see that the gamification elements and psychology behind the app works well for “internal sales teams” as well as external.

Kristian Grønevet
Co-founder / Designer Mevo

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