A sales contest with a mystery twist


Inventive use of gamification and digital tools to increase sales and knowledge during the pandemic.

The world’s top mobile phone brand has fantastic products with tons of fun functions and technical details that they would love their end consumers to know about. One way of making sure that happens, is to ensure that the people selling their products really know them. 

Samsung is doing some great work in product training and is staying connected to their frontline people on many platforms. To add to their existing toolbox, they use MevoApp for time-limited campaigns in chains of electronics stores to really incentivize sales and learning.  

– It’s great to follow the statistics and see how the points from quizzes and sales roll in, almost at the same time. That really shows how knowledge drives sales and vice versa, says Celina Røste, channel marketing lead at Samsung Electronics Norway.

Close and personal

One example of a successful Samsung Mevo campaign is one that took place in the middle of one of the most locked-down phases of the Covid-19 pandemic. Personal access to store staff was limited, and Samsung’s field sales teams couldn’t drive around and visit as they were used to. 

By organizing a sales contest that included quizzes as well as personal messaging, they were able to stay close to their frontline people anyway and keep them up to speed. 

– We have a lot of information we would like people selling our phones to know. By sharing that knowledge through multiple-choice quizzes they learn the most important selling points in a way that’s fun and engaging, says Stian Wensås, product trainer at Samsung Electronics Norway.

Screenshot app samsung mevo

Countdown to launch

Samsung was also launching their new S21 series towards the end of the 2 months-long campaign. This was a great opportunity to create some extra buzz around the launch and make sure that the store staff was kept up to date. 

A new product launch in the world of mobile phones is a huge event to anyone who follows the world of electronics, so to include that in the sales contest added an extra element of excitement. Samsung used MevoApp to:

  • Share a live countdown to the date and time of the official unveiling of the product. 
  • Share a link to a live stream of the reveal of the product.
  • Add points for pre-sale of the new product the second it was available to pre-order. 
  • Share quiz with new knowledge about the specs for the new launch. 

Close to 90% of the sales staff answer that they are more motivated to sell Samsung after the contest than before.

Based on the numbers from a survey conducted from
the App after a sales contest with one of Norways
leading consumer electronics retailers.

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