Mevo has partnered up with Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, a collab that bursts with potential and shows the flexibility of the MevoApp Toolbox.

Norseman is a pioneer in the XTRI World Series. Brands and business organizations in the Mevo target group are well represented among the ambitious and determined athletes, crews, and partners at this event. 

Norseman will use MevoApp for educating and informing the 290 carefully selected contestants and their crew members.  

They will also use MevoApp for sponsor activation and events. 

First up is Trimtex, who is sponsoring this event’s absolute top athletes. Trimtex used MevoApp to activate athletes, support teams, friends and family during the event in August 2022.

Read more about how Trimtex engaged athletes, support crew, and fans at the extreme triathlon Norseman.



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