Red Bull ignites their internal salespeople with gamified contests

Red Bull is a brand that thrives on competition and sponsors a wide range of the world’s top athletes, across many fields. They organize events boosting with energy and generally celebrate strong achievements. This culture also resonates internally in their own organization. 

When Red Bull Norway wants to ignite their own brand sales teams, they use Mevo to organize sales contests and training. Their salespeople, who work either towards food retailers or the hospitality industry, are just as competitive as the athletes Red Bull sponsors. So of course they are motivated to see their achievements on a leaderboard in a app.

In one case they organized a RedBull Battle where their strikers were invited to register sales and placements of brand material in grocery stores to earn points in the app. They collected additional points by answering quizzes, giving them some fun facts and extra knowledge about the products and the company they work for. Extra points were added to the striker’s account each time they got a grocery store manager to answer a Red Bull quiz.

This challenge ran for a month. And it engaged the salespeople both individually and as part of their “wings team”. It was a close race, and the winners got a well-deserved prize.

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