Mevo Onboarding

A simple tool to welcome new employees to your organization, starting at the pre-onboarding phase. Includes automated training and gamification.

A head start to your onboarding

Set up your new employees for success by including them in your onboarding app. Perfect for training, but also for those very important pieces of information you crave before your first day at a new job: Meet the people on your team! Take a look at the coffee machine! 

MEVO Onboarding | Onboarding Sales Reps

Automated AND personal training

Include each new hire in an automated series of training through bite-sized quizzes including videos and images. Personalize the journey with pre-scheduled messages with custom fields or write a unique, new message. The pages section of the app includes personal timelines and other relevant content. 

Gamification boosts engagement

Reward points for completed quizzes and add badges and levels to signify that your employee is moving on up. Make your business shine by including new hires in a fun journey towards more knowledge about your brand and culture.