About Mevo

The very beginning

The idea for Mevo came about back in 2015 when Kent and Kristian teamed up to find a solution for a challenge they had experienced from their uniquely different angels:


Kent’s angle to the challenge was based on his experience as the Norwegian distributor of fashion and accessories brands like WeSC, Komono, Gourmet, and Creative Recreation. He understood the necessity of not only having great products – but also having frontline sales teams onboard and focused on your brands in the jungle of many. All brands face the same, universal challenge:  Getting frontline sales teams’ attention and keeping it, to eventually turn them into new ambassadors.

Kristian came at the challenge with a more technical angle: He had a lot of experience creating software products and digital sales contests for brands like Canon and Nokia. His digital agency onezero designbureau served brands with custom solutions of visual brand storytelling, combining tech features and gamification. Why was there no off-the-shelf product that could do the same job?

Kent and Kristian both saw the need for a sales contest platform where brands could reach their frontline salespeople directly with product training and sales incentives combined. Their goal was to combine the short term effect of a fun sales contest with the long term effect of brand and product knowledge.

As no one else was offering this solution, they decided to develop it. And that’s the short version of how Mevo got started. 


Careers at Mevo

We are currently looking for a Customer Success Manager and Full Stack Developers for our office in Skien.

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