- The most important reason for using Mevo was that we needed to find a tool to communicate more effectively with the people that actually sell our products out in the stores.

Fredrik Mandt
Marketing Manager - Amer Sports Norway


The sports brand has used the Mevo app in both Scandinavian and Central European markets. Salomon has really taken advantage of the full range of possibilities that lies within the app: From a large scale contest, involving over 1500 contestants in a major sports equipment store, to small, focused campaigns in niche stores.

In high-end runners’ store Löplabbet, Salomon chose to focus strictly on the most important stores and selling their top product there. The goal was to increase knowledge and credibility with the store staff, rather than a pure sales promotion targeted at customers.

Salomon has been with us since the very beginning.

They have used our solution in 4 European countries. 

32 participants from 16 stores were picked. They were all active runners and competed for a starting place in Tromsø Skyrace, answering quizzes and registering number of kilometers they ran during the contest period. Of course, they were all wearing the skyrunning/terrain shoe S/Lab, which was the focus for the campaign.

At the other end of the scale, Salomon rolled out a huge campaign at Polish sports store giant Martes, involving ca 1500 shop pros divided into 5 leagues.

Mevo + Salomon Sports Brand Success Story | Mevo Sales Contest App

- I thought it was cool that half of it was quiz-based. You were forced to look up information for yourself, it wasn't just tossed in your lap. I felt that I learned more this way. We are two colleagues from the store here, and we both are active runners, so we challenged one another and stayed ahead of the competition. It was a good arrangement.

Lars Johan Fredriksson-Bjanes
Sport1 Storgata Oslo

Salomon Sports Brand | Mevo App | Sales Gamification Software

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