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Mevo Case Story: Trimtex’ Triathlon Triumph

How to engage athletes and fans at a top sporting event.

This is the story about how sportswear brand Trimtex engaged athletes, support crew, and fans at the extreme triathlon Norseman.

This event is considered to be the ultimate triathlon on the planet. Even though it takes place in August, we’re talking icy fjord water and temperatures creeping towards 0 – oh, yeah, that’s above water.

Norseman attracts the world’s best athletes, who are set out to compete in the Norwegian fjords and mountains.

Top sportswear brand Trimtex sponsors the #1 triathlete, Kristian Blummenfelt. Of course, the brand attended the Norseman event – along with a range of other top players in the sporting goods industry. So how could Trimtex stand out, capture the attention of Norseman attendees and use their time to share relevant insight combined with some smart storytelling?

They invited people to their custom-made brand community, of course. Attendees, support crews, friends, fans, and family were invited to download the app and get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes information. All through a fully Trimtex branded MevoApp.

Brand community and triathlon insights

This project was a pilot to test the app’s ability to connect to Trimtex’s target groups and engage them with relevant content.
– The community app exceeded our expectations. People really enjoyed getting tips and tricks from top athletes, says Trimtex athlete manager Sanna Johansson.
She was responsible for managing the app community during the event.
– Everything was pre-scheduled, so it was easy to follow-up during the hectic days of the event itself, she explains.

The app attracted more than 100 users. Inside the Norseman x Trimtex branded universe they got exclusive videos with Trimtex athletes.

By answering a short quiz, they could collect points and compete to win prizes.

The app users also collected points for signing up for community runs and Trimtex’s newsletter.

– Our goal was to present tips and tricks in a fun and entertaining way. We want to create that good feeling of being a part of an inspiring and motivating triathlon community, explains Sanna Johansson.

By inviting app users to their stand in Eidsfjord to collect their prize, they got an even more personal connection.

Learn and play

As Trimtex’s own athletes are some of the best in the world, they had access to awesome content. And now they also had the perfect channel to share it and create a community.

Attending a triathlon is challenging in itself, and the Norseman challenge demands even more from its contestants. Preparing for the conditions is essential, and that’s why Trimtex included tips on everything from eating to swimming safety precautions.

Top triathlon athlete HC Tungesvik shares his wisdom.

As well as general knowledge about the race itself, Trimtex also fitted in some inspirational brand storytelling. A key to standing out in a jungle of many is to share memorable and personable facts about your brand and history.

Stories about heritage provide excellent brand building and memorable fun facts.

Top photo credit: Lars-Erik Blenne Lien / @blenne

Athlete and attendee activation is just one of the tools in the Mevo toolbox. Get in touch to find out more about the possibilities to educate and motivate your brand’s key stakeholders. Product training through micro-learning, retail sales contest activations, brand ambassador programs, and more.

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