Customer stories

Mevo works with companies of all sizes: From small startups to large, global brands. We tailor the app and its content to fit individual needs, depending on what the different brands and Mevo customers want to achieve. 


The world’s top mobile phone brand has fantastic products with tons of fun functions and technical details that they would love their end consumers to know about. One way of making sure that happens, is to ensure that the people selling their products really know them. That includes some very creative sales contest ideas. 

Samsung app example

Huseby kitchen

Huseby AS has been manufacturing kitchens for over 40 years. From their factory in Vestfold, Norway they deliver true craftmanship to 30 stores all over the long country of Norway.

Huseby kitchen - Customer Success Story | Mevo Sale Gamification Software | Mevo Customers

Ekornes / Svane

Svane is a mattress manufacturer with long and proud traditions for making high-quality products. Although their focus is sleep comfort, they are certainly not sleeping when it comes to innovation. That goes for their products as well as their product training and various types of creative sales contest ideas.


Red Bull | Mevo Customers Story

This brand has a unique position worldwide. Their energy drinks are appreciated by everyone from students to top athletes, giving them the wings they need to perform.
RedBull Battle | Sales Gamification Software | MevoApp

Møller Bil | Employee Activation Case Story

A car dealer’s campaign to encourage LESS driving … among their own employees. Møller Bil is already using MevoApp to organize and gamify sales contests among their frontline sales people. This winter they found another use for their app.


Salomon Sales Contest Example

The sports brand has used the Mevo app in both Scandinavian and Central European markets. Salomon has really taken advantage of the full range of possibilities that lies within the app: From large creative sales contest ideas, involving over 1500 contestants in a major sports equipment store, to small, focused campaigns in niche stores.

Salomon Sports Brand | Mevo App | Sales Gamification Software


This well known German domestic appliance manufacturer is represented in every appliance chain in Norway. Miele has been with Mevo and they use sales contest app since the very beginning.

Customer Success Story - Miele Norge | MEVO - #1 Sales Contest App


This increasingly popular smartphone brand is winning the hearts of both tech reviewers and consumers across the world. With award-winning technology, especially when it comes to the camera, they are now competing in the top segment of the mobile market.

Read more about a great example of a successful sales contest including product training and gamification.


Huawei - Sales Gamification, Frontline Training & Engagement App | Mevo Norway AS

Møller Bil

Møller Bil is Norway’s largest car distributor, representing Audi, Volkswagen, Škoda and Seat in Norway. It was founded by Harald Aars Møller back in 1936, and has proudly imported and sold Volkswagen in Norway since 1948.

Moller Bill - Customer Success Story | Mevo Norway AS