Being a first-mover
in a traditional market
– with great success


Triple win for Svane, the retailer, and the frontline salespeople: Increased sales, boost in brand awareness, and added product knowledge.

The Fagmøbler chain has 63 stores in Norway, all having quality and customer service as their top priority.

– Excellent product knowledge is essential, says Jørgen Vinningland, category manager at Fagmøbler.

– And most importantly: The customers expect it. They do their research and often know a lot when they come into a store. That’s why you can’t sleep in class as a salesperson.

And although mattress manufacturer Svane is committed to providing outstanding sleep comfort, they are not themselves sleeping when it comes to adding to their sales and training tools.

Vinningland and his colleagues at Fagmøbler have used Svane’s digital platform for a few months when we talk to him.

The campaigns have included:

  • Basic product training with short videos followed by multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Sales contests focusing on campaign products and upselling.
  • Gamification with points for all sales and quiz activity, public scoreboard.
  • Personal communication by messages.


By engaging the store staff in bite-sized product training combined with sales contests, Svane is the first brand in their field.

– Having a tool like this has been essential, especially at this time, says Magnus Aure Overå, sales and business developer at Svane, Ekornes.

Overå is of course referring to the pandemic and the limitation on traveling. Even before the coronavirus, Svane’s sales reps were struggling to cover a huge area physically, visiting stores that could be located a day’s journey apart.

– A digital sales and training platform that can engage the frontline is a way for us to reach out with continuous key information to the people who meet our end consumer, he says.

– And they love it!

This is confirmed by Vinningland at the retailer.

– Absolutely, the people who have tried it are really excited. I only see benefits from using this app, he says.

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74% of the app users report that they learned a lot from the quizzes.

77% report that the sales contest combined with product training was a great motivational boost to sell more.

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– Increases brand awareness

Salespeople at multi-brand retailers like Fagmøbler have a lot on their plates. They are expected to know technical product details about a range of different products from different brands.

– Having a platform like this increases brand awareness, for sure. It’s very easy to forget details on a busy day. By answering simple quizzes, you get to refresh knowledge and add to it. It’s definitely more fun than reading a PDF, says Vinningland.

– The sales part of the app incentivizes upselling, and it all benefits the customers. And of course, if Svane sells more, we also sell more. It’s a win-win.

Magnus Overå at Svane confirms that they have experienced increased sales after starting using the app at Fagmøbler.

Especially of their top-end product range.

– I’m convinced that the increase is due to more confident and knowledgeable salespeople. We also sense a positive shift in perception of the brand itself, says Overå.

He is now planning new campaigns in the MevoApp to launch new products.

Simultaneously, he is adding an onboarding and training platform where new Fagmøbler employees can get a basic introduction to Svane’s brand and products.

“We love the initiative! Solid product knowledge is key to offering the best customer service possible. That’s where the app really does a great job.”

Jørgen Vinningland, category manager, Fagmøbler (Norwegian furniture retailer)

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