The future of IRL retail

Why even bother, you may ask. We have the answers!

A sign saying "closed" on a dark storefront.
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The retail apocalypse is coming! It’s been looming over the retail industry’s head for some years now. As traditional shopping is being replaced by clicking, from the comfort of your own home, retailers are crumbling under the pressure.

Why even bother visiting a physical store when you can do all your research, comparing prices and the actual buying in cyberspace? And at the same time get the goods delivered to your door? No wonder e-commerce is taking off. It’s just so convenient. We have no argument there.

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So what should traditional stores do? Just lay down and die? Of course not!

Stay ahead in the game

There are still many reasons for people to seek out a store where they actually enter a physical door and can see and touch the product they are looking for. But the stores have to be ready to offer their customers something they can’t get online:

  • Excellent service from an actual human being who will listen to their needs.
  • Expert advice from people who truly know the product and its functions.
  • The possibility to touch and test a physical object — and take it straight home if they want to.

All of this makes us believe that retail is nowhere near any apocalypse. But it certainly makes it crystal clear that the brands and stores have to step up their games to face the competition. Because if the customer doesn’t get the service he’s looking for when he enters those doors, he will stay in his sofa with his laptop.

That’s why we believe that our tool is exactly what the industry needs to equip store staff with the knowledge and motivation that is essential for its survival.

The stores that survive are the ones who give their customers an extra reason to visit. The places that offer top notch service by friendly salespeople who truly know what they are talking about. They will answer your questions, offer advice and show you the smart functions you never would have found if you were to sit down and read the manual (and honestly, who even bothers to do that?).

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