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“I love the concept!” … and other stuff Mevo app users say

Feedback from the frontline.

Let’s talk about someone who is the most important link between your brand and the end consumer. The store staff. Your frontline people. They are the ones who actually meet the people buying your products. 

They are the ones who have the power to pull your product out of the shelf instead of another brand. 

Direct connection

When we created Mevo, we pinpointed this person as someone who is difficult to reach directly but is a crucial part of your whole sales operation. With MevoApp you reach them directly on their smartphone. 

Your Mevo campaign should be tailored to give “the kid on the floor” exactly what they need. The goal is to engage and excite them. Teach them about your brand and products while motivating them to sell them the best way possible. Giving them the tools they need to boost your sales.

Ultimately creating long-term brand ambassadors.

Feedback from the frontline

So… does it work? What do the salespeople temselves think? 

Thousands of people use MevoApp in a range of different campaigns for different products. 

Here, we have collected some feedback from surveys conducted in the app after a finished Mevo campaign. The survey feature is a great way to get input and find ways to improve your next Mevo campaign. 

These are some quotes from happy MevoApp users when asked to give user feedback in their own words:

“I love the concept! Contests like this one definitely make it more fun to sell!”

“A great way to learn, and also to put focus on specific brands! Keep it up!”

“A great contest that really motivates all the salespeople to ask every customer if they need any help. Also, it’s healthy to have a little competition at work”

“I’ve already started using a lot of what I learned in the quizzes to close new sales”

“The quizzes provided me with good and concise information that is easy to convey to my customers”

“The whole thing was awesome! An easy way to learn and at the same time keep track of everything I’ve sold”

Other statistics also show some great numbers like 100 percent reporting that they were satisfied with the app.

Samsung case story: Close to 90% of the store staff are more motivated to sell Samsung products after the campaign is over (and they no longer collect points for selling them).

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