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As a Mevo manager, you get access to the admin panel: This is where you:

  • Divide your audience into different channels

  • Create content for all your campaigns

  • Follow the statistics and watch results in real-time

  • Communicate directly with the users

Tutorials for admin users

Checklist before launch

  • Campaigns

    Are your date correct and the campaign’s status scheduled/active/pre active?

  • Campaigns

    Campaign layout: scroll through all tabs: Everything in order here? 

  • Users & units

    Have you registered a list including all dealers (name of stores/teams) who are competing? 

  • Users & units

    Have you registered a list of positions? (part time, full time)

  • Content

    Do all quizzes have points? 

  • Content

    Do all quizzes have a start date (scheduled or published).

  • Content

    Have you included contest items? (or other activity that gives points).

  • Messages

    Have you set up a person to moderate your inbox in Settings?

  • Messages

    Have you looked over your automatic messages and edited them to fit your language/brand/campaign?

  • Messages

    Do you have a friendly message waiting in the app for when the users log in for the first time?

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