Educate & Motivate


Watch the short video to learn how Mevo works and why it’s a great way to increase sales and knowledge: for your brand, for you, for your client, and for the frontline salespeople. Everybody wins!

How the app works

A great way to get to know this tool is to experience it for yourself. Download MevoApp from AppStore or Google Play and have a go!

Use invite code DEMOME to access Mevo's own demo brand. Or use your own brand's playground channel. Contact us to get your invite code if you haven't got it already.

Here's a short video that explains further.

Mevo is a tool to motivate and educate key stakeholders, which often means the people working on the floor, facing the end customers.

A Mevo campaign is usually a very welcome initiative at the retailer. It means that your brand will equip their store staff with knowledge and motivation – and ultimately make them even better salespeople.

It's no extra work for the store manager, and it's fun and rewarding for the frontline staff.

  • No work for the stores, just benefits

  • The app delivers sales contests, bite-sized learning and direct messaging

  • Salespeople feel seen by the brand and have a direct message opportunity 

  • Brand academy offers bite-sized learning through quizzes, surveys and pages

  • Activate through sales contests with great prizes and engaging content

  • The retailer enjoys more motivated and more knowledgeable employees

  • No financial or time cost time for the retailer

Download presentation - pitch Mevo to retailer

We have added this quick resource if you need to add some info about Mevo to your own presentation material.

Again, it's important to stress that a campaign doesn't add ANY work for the store managers, but lots of benefits. Feel free to add, remove, or remix these slides to make them your own.

How the admin panel works

When your Mevo campaign is up and running, the fun really begins. Now you can monitor all activity and stay connected to the stores and salespeople attending your campaign.

You do this from the Mevo ADMIN PANEL, which you access from your DESKTOP.

Here you have access to a lot of fun info, but here's the top 3:

  • The dashboard, where you can see live numbers and pay attention to red dealers (places without activity)
  • The messages-section, where you can answer questions and send out motivational messages directly to your frontline's personal phones.
  • The statistics, where you filter users on districts and get all that juicy data. You can export sales numbers for presentations or reports from here.