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– It’s A Digital Pat On The Back

An experienced Mevo manager shares his wisdom.

Fredrik Mandt, Territory Brand Manager for Atomic Northern Europe used to be “a kid on the floor” himself, so he knows first hand what triggers sales staff.

Atomic, the top skiing brand, has been using Mevo for years now. We love to assist the always enthusiastic brand manager Fredrik Mandt in creating successful campaigns and sales contests in sports stores all over Europe. Atomic has even used the app to organize and ease communication with their own influencers and athletes.

We caught up with Fredrik to get some insight on why he is a Mevo fan (hey, don’t blame us for chasing compliments here – there is plenty of inspiration and useful tips for you as well!).

Mevo founder Kent Bråthen and Atomic Brand Manager Fredrik Mandt talking.
Mevo founder Kent R. Bråthen cooking up some new Mevo magic with Fredrik Mandt.

Why did you start using Mevo?

A key reason was to really connect to the people who work in sports stores – the people who sell our products. We wanted them to truly know what they are selling, and make them feel excited and comfortable about selling them. With Mevo we reach them directly on their phones in a way that is fun and engaging. Ultimately we increase sales and knowledge about the products.

The knowledge part is essential, especially when it comes to the more technical products. That’s where Mevo hits a home run. It gives us the opportunity to really explain and make sure the store staff knows how to use our technology correctly.

I remember when I used to work at a sports store; the great feeling of getting a pat on the back from someone higher up.

That’s basically what we are doing with Mevo: Giving the kid on the floor some motivation – digitally. That feeling stays with the app users long after a sales contest has finished. 

Fredrik Mandt, Atomic

Yeah, about that – what kind of feedback do you get from app users?

They love it! They learn something, and the quizzes are just the right level of challenging. Actually, some people are taking on extra shifts to register more sales in the app during a sales contest. They even skip lunch! It’s obvious that we are hitting all the right triggers. Mevo is a very effective tool to reach out to a lot of people – without being annoying. Sure, it’s nice to drive around the country and meet people face to face, but Mevo makes that personal connection much faster, easier and more precise.

You have run quite a few very successful mevo campaigns by now. What would you say are the key factors to creating true mevo magic?

A narrow and precise focus: Don’t try to reach over too much at the same time. Of course, the competition factor and prizes are important too. And the sales staff love the fact that they have a direct link to the brand through the messaging function in the app.

Cross country skier wearing Atomic.
Atomic has had successful sales contests in large sports stores all over Europe.

And the retailers, what do they say?

They are excited as well. They see that Mevo is an effective learning tool that increases both sales and motivation among their employees. The staff can’t wait for a new campaign to start, and the stores see that it works. Mevo is definitely a super tool.

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