Mevo Case Story: Sharing the sound

HiFi manufacturer Electrocompaniet caters to picky audiophiles around the world.

Electrocompaniet uses Mevo to make sure their brand, products – and of course: their sound – are conveyed the right way.

Electrocompaniet’s HiFi products are loved by both music professionals and audiophiles all over the world. From the Norwegian fjords, they deliver top-quality sound systems, designed and produced at their facilities outside Stavanger. CD players, streamers, amplifiers, and speakers are then distributed to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Electrocompaniet’s factory in Tau, Norway.

Electrocompaniet’s audience knows what they like and they know what to look (and listen!) for. That’s why it’s crucial that the frontline salespeople who meet their end customers really know their products. This is especially important at external retailers and distributors, who are also displaying competing brands. 

– I love the concept!

Electrocompaniet uses Mevo as a direct connection to those frontline people. Through the app, they share news and product info, engage their frontline salespeople in contests and challenges, and test their knowledge about the brand story and key selling points. 

App screen examples: Visual branding is half the story.

– The app works exactly how I intended it to: It really ignited the sales reps’ competitive spirits, says Lasse Danielsen, sales and marketing director of Electrocompaniet.
– I love the concept, and I love the look of the app.

Reaching the niche

With the customized and branded Electrocompaniet app on their personal smartphones, sales reps at a high-end niche HiFi retailer have direct access to:

  • Time-limited contests where they collect points for answering quizzes and registering their own sales and product demos.
  • Pocket library with product USPs and specs.
  • Links to recommended playlists.
  • Direct messaging to Electrocompaniet’s HQ to get answers fast.

– And they love it! says Lasse Danielsen.

Legacy and links

Launching their very first amplifier back in 1973, Electrocompaniet has a long and proud legacy. Their equipment has been used in professional studios by top musicians like Abba, Michael Jackson, and Stargate. 

In private homes, Electrocompaniet amplifiers and players are delivering “the most rewarding musical experience possible”. 

Curious to know which music Electrocompaniet recommends? Check out their employees’ sweet compilation of (mostly) Scandi music on Spotify: Link to playlist.

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