How we used MevoApp (and chocolate) at a trade show

Our app can also be used at events and trade shows. Here’s how we did it!

Engage your visitors in a fun and simple contest in our app! It’s a smart way to share your message and collect leads at events and trade shows. It’s also an easy way to inform and engage a group of people, either at internal or external happenings. Some examples include:

  • Company kickoff!
  • Client golf tournament!
  • Festival or conference visitors!
  • Webinar attendees!
  • Expo visitors!

The MevoApp team attended the annual Retail Expo in London in 2019. Of course we brought along a custom made version our own app to share with visitors at our booth.

The sweet taste of success

We invited visitors at our booth to download our app (easily accessible from either AppStore or Google Play) and compete to win an awesome prize. The invitation to join was super sweet. Yes, that is a bar of chocolate 👇.

The “iPhone” contained delicious milk chocolate AND an invite to gamified MevoApp learning.

We wrapped the invitation to our Expo channel in chocolate so visitors could enjoy an energi boost and log on to the app when they a a sit-down. Trade shows are busy, let them enjoy your content when they really have the time to enjoy it.

Here’s a quick look at how we used the app’s features at the Retail Expo in 2019.

The three welcome screens in the app quickly explains how everything works.

By inviting our stand visitors to play, we were able to show how our app works, and at the same time have a way to contact potential new clients – through the 2way messaging system. Not to forget: Our visitors could have a little fun.

Our Retail Expo app users got a friendly message from our co-founder and were invited to answer some fun quizzes. They also had to count and register the amount of big, black Mevo dots at our booth, to be a part of the contest.

As you can see, the dot-counting is not a very challenging task. And Kent is there to help you out, should you need assistance.

Stay close for longer

This is the home screen of the app we used at the Expo. It uses the same elements as a brand would use for their retail sales contest, only with adjusted content to fit the event.

When the trade show was over and everyone was back at the office, we were able to stay in touch with all the lovely people we met in London. They got a quick hello in the app inbox (and a push notice), and they are able to answer back through the app. That way they actually “stopped by” our Expo stand for weeks.

Thank you to all visitors – we really enjoyed meeting you all!

We are really looking forward to going back to London again and will for sure boost our ROI with a new MevoApp Expo campaign.

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