Our tribute to legendary HBO show “Silicon Valley”

We got our geek on and made a Pied Piper app 🤓

Firstly, a warning: If you have never watched HBO’s “Silicon Valley”, or worse – never even heard of it … well, we both pity you and at the same time feel very, very envious: You have something truly amazing to look forward to. Until you are caught up, I’m afraid all of the following will be lost on you. So, see you in a week or two? You have 6 seasons of geeky, satirical fun to catch up on.

Join the fun!

Ok, now back to you – the people in-the-know. If you, like us, watched Silicon Valley somewhat religiously from it started airing in 2014, and through the final episode in December 2019, you now have a small hole in your existence. The place where you used to meet up with the anti-heroes of tech and laugh at the not very subtle pokes at everything from Google to Elon Musk.

So, to fill the void in all of our lives, we took it upon ourselves to create a wonderful scenario where Richard Hendricks’ dream has come to life and a decentralized internet is real. Of course, we used our own app to make it happen. Download MevoApp and use the invite code erlich to join Pied Piper.

Pied Paper app screens, inspired by HBO's Silicon Valley
The welcome screens in our app introduce you to the ultimate meta geek experience.

In here you’ll meet up with all the characters from the Silicon Valley show; Jian Yang, Erlich Bachman, Gavin Belson, Bertram Gilfoyle… Geek out to quizzes and register fictional bug fixes etc.

Something to pass the time while we are waiting for Hollywood to make the movie. Let’s face it: Silicon Valley offers an endless line of satirical gold material.

Lead by example

When we have this super fun tool on our hands, we like to play around with it when we can. Like this Silicon Valley experiment. Another fun day at work was when we created the ultimate hipster fantasy, a (very fictional) bike brand. This is used as our free demo, to show how MevoApp can be used to organize successful sales contests and educate and motivate store staff.

We love it when we discover new ways to use our app. Most of them are very real, but we throw in the occasional fantasy for inspirational purposes.

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