The advantages of being a Mevo partner

We love to Share our powerful sales tool with agencies or consultancies.

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Partner up

Some of the world’s largest brands use and love the MevoApp. Many connect with us directly, and we are very excited about that. But we don’t have to play the main part all the time. In fact, we rather enjoy being a smaller piece in a big puzzle – by offering our services and expertise through leading eCommerce agencies and other various consultancies in a partner program. When they include some Mevo magic in their customers’ marketing and communication strategy, they have so much more to work with.

Our common goal is always to improve training and motivation for everyone.

With exclusive benefits and insights, Mevo partners are equipped to better serve mutual customers. Together we grow business and generate leads. Bringing in a solid, dedicated business partner significantly increases opportunities.

Teamwork makes the dream work

A good partnership fosters innovation, blends complementary strengths, improves morale, and nurtures talent. Mevo is ready to help you and your customers create a better work culture that motivates and promotes better overall performance.

Our app makes it easy to create and manage teams, eLearning materials, and sales contests. We are excited to help you and your customers define their goals, improve communication and eLearning materials, and ultimately increase revenue.

  • A New Tool: For Marketing Activities And Launches.
  • A Platform: For Content Distribution And Brand Awareness
  • We’ll Help You Get There: Let’s Do This Together!
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We believe in making it simple

Mevo makes things simple. Delivering value is core not only for the software but also for our partner program. We only have one partner level. No sign-up fees are required in order to become a partner.

To help you and your customer to get started with Mevo, we are happy to provide you and your customer with documentation, a Q&A workshop, and a demo. We are ready to answer your questions and help you and your customers achieve your goals.

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