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Mevo for micro-learning

We welcome British digital agency Amphigean as a new Mevo partner.

– The Amphigean philosophy of making the complex simple goes right to the core of what we designed our Mevo platform to do, says Kent Bråthen, co-founder of Mevo.

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“Best-in-class tool”

Amphigean works with well-known clients such as Virgin Media and Vodafone. They are excited to introduce a new and innovative delivery capability to its suite of learning products and services. The launch comes at a time when the UK is hit hard by the covid-19 epidemic. Remote work and social distancing are speeding up the adaptation of digital solutions everywhere.

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director states:
– Now is the perfect time to boost our online delivery. Amphigean is not a software developer, and as such the build and management of learning-platforms don’t form part of our strategy. However, helping our customers use best-in-class tools to deliver their business programs is a significant part of what we do. 

Bite-size learning

Micro-learning is the core focus of the Amphigean team. Enabling learners to snack on content as and when they need it. Now they can offer a cloud-based platform to deliver content in an engaging way. This helps to drive the take-up and, importantly, the application of learning. 

The MevoApp is designed to stimulate learning by delivering bite-sized content. It is easy to consume and delivered with an element of competition through the collection of points and displays on leaderboards. Further incentives can be provided by offering prizes.

Learning through gamification is both great fun and great for business. We are excited to see the Amphigean team putting their impressive skills into play on the MevoApp, says Kent Bråthen at Mevo.

The Mevo and Amphigean teams have been actively involved in discussions and testing for some time.

– There’s a real buzz that the platform can deliver Amphigean’s bite-size learning in an innovative way to help customers achieve their objectives, says Pete Simpson at Amphigean.


Here’s Amphigean at a presentation at the Learning Technologies event.

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