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– MevoApp is a fun platform for creating great-looking apps and targeted content

How creative agencies use MevoApp to create extra value for their customers.

Although Mevo is a software provider, we will always stay close to our customers. Consultancy on campaign strategy and content is key to getting the most out of our platform. That’s why we share our cross-industry niche knowledge with our selected agency partners to help both them and our common brand customers succeed.

Among our partners are Swedish Intryck and Norwegian agency JCP. Mevo is a part of their digital strategy when working with clients. 

By adding MevoApp to their range of services, JCP has an ace to play with their clients. This partnership also generates more business for their agency. They are already using MevoApp with several of their customers.

– I’m very excited about the results we get from the app, says Jarle Ring, managing director at JCP Arena.

– It really adds value to the content we create for our customers.

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The Mevo partnership gives JCP many possibilities for creating customized, branded apps and strategic content. Sales contests, employee training, and event engagement are some of the features they have perfected so far.

– Playful and engaging

JCP is known for making things happen. Their core business is creating and communicating awesome experiences for their customers and their end-users. 

– At JCP we love to create fun experiences and engaging content. To really transfer this feeling to a digital environment can be tricky. Mevo’s playful approach to learning and contests gives us a new platform where these qualities can grow, says Jarle Ring, managing director at JCP Arena.

Gamification and results

– With MevoApp we have a fun platform for creating great-looking apps and targeted campaigns for our customers, says Jarle Ring.

Gamification and the customized design really spark the imagination and opens up for new uses. And intelligent technology makes sure our customers get measurable results, says Jarle Ring. 

Mevo co-founder and CEO Kent Bråthen is excited to see how JCP uses the software.

– They are a great partner. It’s awesome to see how they use MevoApp to increase both sales and learning among their customers’ own employees. We love to see our software used by creative minds that are inspired by the possibilities of the app, says Kent Bråthen. 

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