Stay connected – stay safe

Remote work solutions are here to stay. That doesn’t mean that you can’t stay close.

Today, it doesn’t really matter if your coworkers share the same office as you or live on different continents – you are always connected and always communicating. Even from your home office.  

As much as the people here at Mevo love a good face-to-face meeting, we also agree that it’s not necessarily where you want to invest all your valuable time. This applies to colleagues as well as staff and clients. Today we need a range of efficient tools to meet the standards of modern working. 

Remote control

Even though the number of people who are remote working is increasing most places, the recent pandemic of the Coronavirus has forced many into an involuntary solo situation – at home. The coffee sipping laptop hipster cliché is far from the reality of taking meetings in your pajamas bottoms with poor wifi and a general feeling of the apocalypse creeping up on you. 

Get used to it, because this thing we’re going through might just be the beginning of the end of offices. And there are many excellent reasons why you shouldn’t fight it. 

By staying home, we can slow down the Coronavirus. Photo by CDC on Unsplash

At Mevo we are no strangers to remote working ourselves. We run our business from satellite offices in three cities, sometimes even more. We also take an interest in tools that make our working lives easier. Some are tried and tested and quickly discarded. Others are keepers, and now we couldn’t imagine life without them.

Simply because: 

  • Digital working tools make us more efficient.
  • We travel less, which is the only sane thing to do if you care about our planet.
  • We don’t limit ourselves to local resources but are able to reach wider. 
  • And the most recent perk: We limit the spreading of diseases. 

Thanks to our conversations on Slack, planning in Asana, marketing in Hubspot, and video conferences on Whereby or Google Hangouts we are able to run a smooth operation without wasting time, money or carbon dioxide.   

Coffee for one.
Serious faces on Monday morning. Connecting through Whereby, sharing plans in Asana.

The Mevo solution 

One of the pain points our co-founder Kent wanted to solve when developing the MevoApp, was the time-consuming activity of driving around and making sure salespeople were up to date on his brand. He wanted a way to stay close and connected, without wasting hours on the road. 

By communicating and incentivizing directly through an app, you tick all the before-mentioned boxes that a digital tool should do:

  • More efficient work.
  • Less travel.
  • Wider reach.
  • Limit diseases.

So while you might initially think that more home offices and more remote work mean losing touch with people, we actually believe it’s the opposite. By using the right tools, you can stay close and connected. And efficient. And safe.

PS: We also recommend stocking up on good coffee and invest in a high-quality chair.

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