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This is a story of how we, like the rest of the world, really discovered the beauty of webinars. We’re hooked, and we would like to share some tips.

As a provider of sales gamification software, we like to share our knowledge. See some of our previous webinars right here: Free Mevo webinars and follow us on LinkedIn to stay in the loop for upcoming events!

Disruptive times

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from handling all the extended consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that it forces innovative thinking. That’s the one positive outcome in this whole situation: We need to rethink our lives in a way that, yes, could be disturbing, but it can also add new value. On a personal level, and most definitely in our work.

That’s what happened in March of 2020. Huge parts of the world went into an almost complete lockdown. Workers everywhere retired to their home offices to find a new rhythm and a new way to go about their daily tasks.

At exactly the same time, the search for the word “webinar” went through the roof.

Graph showing exponential growth of the search for "webinar" on Google
At the same time as people locked themselves in home offices everywhere, the search for “webinar” rocketed.

Our guess is that these searches were made both by people looking to attend webinars and to host themselves. Many employees were missing human interaction and the inspirational input you get from attending meetings and IRL seminars. At the same time, many businesses were looking at new ways to communicate with their markets. 

Webinar platforms have reported that the number of webinars hosted more than tripled from March 2019 to March 2020. 

At Mevo we were definitely at both ends of this situation. We were constantly on the lookout for interesting webinars to attend, to learn something new, and observe what others were doing. In doing so, we quickly realized that hey, WE should be doing this too: We should host a webinar of our own!

The reasons were obvious:

  1. It looks like fun!
  2. We have a lot of valuable knowledge to share.
  3. The webinar format is a perfect fit for what we have to say – and show.
  4. People can join from all corners of the world.
  5. We reach our key audience in a personal way, at a time when they are open to innovative ideas and eager to expand their minds. 

Choosing a webinar platform

We had all the content ready to go. An obvious first choice was the topic of gamification, basically the core of the digital tool we have developed. Now we were just missing the perfect platform to present it.

As a SaaS business ourselves, we have certain standards when it comes to tech. At Mevo our goal is always simple and fun. We believe that even seriously complicated stuff can be presented in a way that is entertaining and educational. So naturally, we looked for a webinar platform that checked all the right boxes:

  • No downloads (how many people have been lost somewhere between downloads, firewalls, and installations before an online meeting? Countless numbers, for sure).
  • Easy setup and custom branding.
  • Split-screen between speaker and slides.
  • Live chat with a separate monitor.
  • Easy and streamlined communication with attendees before and after the webinar.
The stage is yours! Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

After extensive research, our choice landed on Demio. They offered a free trial, and we tested the grounds with an exclusive preview for some Mevo friends. It was so much fun! Excluding the nerve-racking experience of live streaming your own face… Actually, that part went surprisingly well too. It helps when you have tons of slides to show and a topic that you know well and love to share. 

After tweaking our presentation based on feedback, we were ready to show the world. What a kick! The audience tuned in, and they really liked it.  

Our top 5 webinar tips

Ok, so we have hosted a webinar or two, and we’re hardly experts by now. But we have picked up some things that we don’t mind sharing: 

  1. Take the time to find a platform that suits your needs.
  2. Choose an engaging topic that you’re really into. 
  3. Don’t waste time on professional lighting and sound gear. In our experience, natural daylight and an iPhone headset work perfectly fine. 
  4. That said, please do remember to face the daylight, not sit with your back against it. Unless you’re going for that anonymous criminal look.
  5. Smile!
A webinar attendee sent us this, thanking for an educational and fun webinar on gamification (in Norwegian).

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