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What is EdTech? Learn more about educational technology

Just another tech buzzword, or the way to the future?

EdTech is short for educational technology. The tech community absolutely LOVES to come up with new words and terms for what they’re doing (so-called “neologisms”). This might seem like a way to make themselves more appealing, and yes, that is certainly a part of it. But often the terms are created out of necessity, simply due to the fact that the industries they describe are so new that there are no existing words for them.  

That’s why we end up with buzzwords like “fintech”, “proptech”, “weathertech” … and “edtech”. Using technology in education is a fairly recent development, that comes along with the digitalization of … well, basically everything. Just to be clear: Using your computer to answer and hand in a traditional school assignment doesn’t make you a user of edtech. 

So, what is EdTech?

Proper edtech offers a new way of facilitating learning, through technology.

That means using the basic principles of education: Sharing knowledge in a way that makes the learner retain the information, by applying digital tools, and then using the unique traits of technology to enhance these principles.

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow. -John Dewey

Goodbye, classroom

Different edtech companies have different ways of approaching this task. Going digital means that you no longer have to attend a physical classroom to learn. The statical relationship of student-teacher is in flux. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can rethink the whole idea of learning. 

Edtech companies offer different options through innovative uses of technology. By pushing the boundaries of how education is done, they explore new territories and potentially make education more available for everyone.

Some edtech ideas we love:

  • The super cute avatar from No Isolation makes it possible for kids to attend class through an app when they are at home with long-term illness. 
  • The game-based learning platform Kahoot! makes learning in school more fun through quizzes.
  • The easy and motivating way to learning a new language through Duolingo’s fun app.

Mevo – an edtech company?

While we didn’t initially set out to categorize ourselves as one, we recently realized that yes, that actually fits nicely with what we’re doing here at Mevo. “Educate & motivate” is our slogan, and we use new technology to do so. Edtech, it is! 

Our platform offers an easy and fun way for brands to engage their frontline with bite-sized knowledge and gamification

Try for yourself!

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