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What is MevoApp?

An introduction to what we do and how we do it. A deep dive into features and functions.

Show and tell: This video gives you an introduction to MevoApp.

The easiest way to find out more about what MevoApp is, is actually to Book a free demo to see for yourself!

If you prefer to read up first, though, this is the place to find out more about What is MevoApp? This story is all about features. If you want know more about the people of Mevo, check out this: About Mevo.

MevoApp is a platform for brands to connect directly to external sales teams – or other target groups. Through a branded app you can segment your audience and create customized content to educate and motivate.

Want to read up on features?

Cool! We love to talk about features! But before we dive into the specs, let’s have a look at what can you actually use MevoApp for?

Well, it depends (don’t you just love that answer?). It depends on which challenge you are looking to solve. MevoApp’s purpose, or raison d’être if you will, is to increase brand awareness among external teams. To bring your brand top of mind in a reality where time is scarce and attention spans are small.

Our app is a channel to squeeze your way into your target audience’s attention. And you do that by creating a fun package of content for them in a fully branded app, reaching them directly on their personal smartphones.

Use MevoApp For

Read more about how Mevo customers like Miele, Samsung and Red Bull use the platform to educate and motivate their teams: Mevo customer stories.

Basically, MevoApp is your go-to solution for any situation where you have a group of people that you want to engage in some kind of interaction with your brand and organization. You get a branded platform where you can communicate directly, share bite-sized information, create fun challenges and use gamification triggers to make sure you catch people’s attention and keep it.

Key Mevo Features Include

  • Gamification (points, badges, levels)
  • Realtime scoreboard
  • Micro-learning through quizzes
  • Mini hub for product and brand info
  • Videos, galleries, links, text
  • 2-way messaging system
  • Sales/activity tracking
  • Sales incentives
  • Automatic level functions
  • Exportable statistics
  • Admin panel dashboard with live results

Curious to experience all of this for yourself? Book a demo, and you’ll also get access to a fun demo channel where you can push buttons, collect points and feel the dopamine flowing.

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