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Case Story

Møller Bil

A car dealer’s campaign to encourage LESS driving … among their own employees

Møller Bil is already using MevoApp to organize and gamify sales contests among their frontline sales people. This winter they found another use for their app.

– We were looking for a fun way to activate our employees and encourage them to track their own physical activity during the dark winter season, says Joachim Wahlstrøm, marketing director at Møller Bil.   

The car dealer is partnering with The Association for Promoting of Skiing, Skiforeningen. Together they raise awareness on the importance of staying active and encourage more people to take advantage of all the great outdoor experiences in the forest surrounding Oslo.

Set the bar low

Starting at their own organization, Møller wanted to organize a challenge to kickstart a new year. To make sure they included everyone, and especially those who needed it the most, they decided to set the bar low. 

The goal was to encourage their employees to move more. Nothing spectacular, simply starting to include small chunks of physical movement in their daily routines. 

Some employees were already very fit, others had little to no existing exercise routines. This challenge included something for everyone.

The basic framework:

  • 6 weeks.
  • Track activity (in 5 different categories, ranging from doing 10 squats at your desk to hiking to a Skiforeningen cabin in the forest) and collect points.
  • Answer 10 quizzes, published throughout the period. Pass a quiz and earn points, as well as more knowledge about the advantages of staying active.
  • Submit images to document your experiences.

The challenge offered small prizes to anyone who was moderately active. It and also included bigger prizes for the top 3 contestants. Completely in accordance with Mevo’s best practice prize strategy

Thousands of activity points

– I will absolutely rate this campaign as a success, says Joachim Wahlstrøm, results in hand. 

After six weeks, the 13 car dealers had contributed with:

  • 343 contestants
  • 1837 quizzes answered
  • 14.225 personal activities registered

Judging by the feedback from the app users, they were really motivated by the campaign. And even better: Half of them reported that they definitely will make sure to stay more active, even after the campaign has ended. 


– We were looking for a fun way to activate our employees and encourage them to track their own physical activity during the dark winter season.

Joachim Wahlstrøm, marketing director at Møller Bil.


Competitive mode: ON

Each employee was responsible for registering their own activity throughout the campaign. While everyone had access to the public scoreboard in the app, there was little room for cheating. The competition was fierce, and everyone kept a close eye on their colleagues to see who was winning.

– The app made it really easy for each user to track their own progress. It was great fun to follow the challenge, both as an administrator AND a participant, says Joachim Wahlstrøm. 

In addition to the activity points, the Møller employees also earned points for easy quizzes. At the same time gaining extra knowledge on the benefits of regular exercise and incorporating some extra movement in their days. 

It really sparks motivation to know that you reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases by just including a little physical activity in your day. 

And of course, the extra points did not hurt either. 

"I loved the quizzes! And it was really motivating to get points for both easy activities as well as bigger challenges."

Quote from one of the participants.

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