Mevo offers training in snackable portions on each user's personal smartphone. Take your brand's e-learning to another level, literally!

Microlearning: The future of training

When it comes to training, a little goes a long way. Research shows that learning in small chunks is about 20% more effective than traditional classroom education. That's why we believe in drizzling your brand's training material through bite-sized multiple-choice quizzes. Easily accessible and available to answer at each user's convenience. 

MEVO Sales Contest App | Sales Gamification Software

Gamification: Fun and productive

Learning should be fun – and it's even more fun when you have a chance at winning! Research shows that by awarding points, badges, and levels (yes, that's gamification) the user stays motivated to keep going and also remembers the information better. That's why all Mevo quizzes give points and a chance to climb the public leaderboard and reach the next level.

Messaging: Keeps the line open

The MevoApp has a 2-way messaging system between the user and your brand. This is a great channel to share information, ask questions, and get answers. A range of automatic and scheduled messages ensures a continuous flow of information and eases administrative efforts.