Creative agency? Let's work together!

Some of the world's top brands already use MevoApp to educate and motivate their frontline ambassadors.

Is your agency ready to harness the powers of this fun digital tool? We’ll help you help your customers reach their goals, build culture, and strengthen their brand through gamification, messaging, and micro-learning.


A valuable partnership

Mevo provides the platform and back end – you create and manage the content for your customer.

Your agency gets billable hours through:

  • Setting up campaigns and events
  • Follow-up work and communication
  • Live statistics and exportable data

You also get:

  • Top-notch gamification skills and resources
  • Access to exclusive newsletters and webinars
  • A kick a** goodie bag to get you in the groove

Mevo is here to:

  • Offer strategic advice on how to run successful campaigns
  • Maintain the platform and handle support requests
  • Connect you to potential new customers from our own network.

There's an app for that!

Using an app has become the #1 way to reach a group of people with engaging and targeted content. And that's the service we have made! The app provides a fun platform that connects you to your key stakeholders through gamification.

We dress the channel with any brand's logo and profile and voilà - your very own playground to create magic. Quick and easy to set up and no-hassle deployment for your clients. Here's some inspiration on different uses:



Engage your frontline salespeople with fun quizzes and sales contests. Educate and motivate to boost sales across the board. 


Enhance your kick-off, conference, trade fair stand, or even webinar with interactive content before, during, and after the event itself. 


Use the app for brand storytelling to build culture. Reinforce learning and create brand ambassadors through bite-sized learning modules.

Your idea

Engagement is key, and the possibilities for gamification, learning, and communication are endless. How would you use it with your customers?

Easy to deploy

Mevo is a streamlined, no-fuss service for you to quickly get up and running. You get access to an intuitive admin panel where you add quizzes, product info, etc. and flavor it with visual brand tokens. When you are ready, you just click “activate”! Boom! You get an invite code that the end-users will enter into the app to get access to your content, and they register themselves with email or social media. Easy-peasy.

Fit to your customers needs

You know your customers' needs better than anyone (probably better than they do themselves!). That's why adding Mevo to your agency's toolbox is a good idea. It's a highly adaptable system: Deploy in a day with minimal setup, or work over time to set up a more complex campaign with messaging strategies and timelines of quizzes and learning modules. You work together with your customers to plan and execute the right scope for their campaign. 


Join the chain of success

Once you are ready to launch, you can introduce your customers to the admin panel. They will love the detailed data and insight they get from daily stats and graphs! Also, they can communicate directly with app users through the messaging function. Including your customer in Mevo means they get to see the tangible numbers, and feel like they own the results. Each link in the Mevo chain is a winner in their own right: The brand, your agency, the friendly people at Mevo, the app user. Even the end customer in some cases, where the app is used by store or hospitality staff. 

We'll fill in the gaps

Every agency is different, just like every customer is. We work with everyone from PR-agencies, design studios, developers, and even film companies. As a MevoApp partner, you can always count on us! We have a small, dedicated team of designers, content creators, and creatives. They are here to help with the finishing touches on a campaign or to pitch in on strategies and set-up towards your customers. 

Top brands have already deployed MevoApp, such as:


– We can clearly see an increase in the sales of our brand when we have used Mevo to organize a sales contest. The more knowledge salespeople have about our brand’s products, the more they sell

- Erik Biltvedt, Retail Operations Manager Huseby

See how top brands are using Mevo to create frontline ambassadors

Some of our partners


“Helping our customers use best-in-class tools to deliver their business programs is a significant part of what we do. The Mevo platform delivers Amphigean’s bite-size learning in an innovative way to help customers achieve their objectives.”

- Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director

We'd love to meet!

Did you know that MevoApp actually started out as a side project in a digital agency? So we know a thing or two about the hustle and bustle of agency life. MevoApp was built from the ground up to give agencies like yours an edge against the competition! We partner with some of the most innovative agencies we know to enable them to provide forward-thinking digital solutions to their clients.

If you have an idea for using MevoApp or think your clients could benefit from this we’d love to hear from you! We offer different solutions and partnerships to agencies, so shoot me an email and we'll have a (virtual) coffee!

Sondre Moland
Designer / partner manager
(+ 47) 920 55 545
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