Mevo Partner Program

We love to leave Mevo in the capable hands of top creative agencies. Help your customers boost their sales by introducing them to the #1 sales contest tool.

"It really adds value to the content we create for our customers."

At JCP we love to create fun experiences and engaging content. To really transfer this feeling to a digital environment can be tricky. Mevo’s playful approach to learning and contests gives us a new platform where these qualities can grow

Jarle Ring, managing director at JCP Arena.

"There’s a real buzz that the platform can deliver Amphigean’s bite-size learning"

– Now is the perfect time to boost our online delivery. Amphigean is not a software developer, and as such the build and management of learning-platforms don’t form part of our strategy. However, helping our customers use best-in-class tools to deliver their business programs is a significant part of what we do. 

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director

One platform, many uses

Mevo is the perfect platform to organize a sales contest, but it can be used for a range of activities:  Onboarding, training, events, etc. Add Mevo to your range of platforms to expand your current vision for your customers. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Customize the app to fit your clients’ existing visuals, tone, and feel. 


A great network

We already work with great brands such as Red Bull, Samsung, and Miele. But we are not a content-creation company, you are! When we get approached by exciting brands, no matter if it’s big or small, we try to play matchmaker. We are a tool and a resource to connect you with new customers and tightening the bond with your existing ones.

More billable hours

When you have created something cool for your customer, nothing's better than keeping a finger on it (and getting recurring revenue from it). Help your customer get great results – and create billable hours by setting up and maintaining great Mevo campaigns.


Used and loved by agencies around the world

A digital coffee?

Coffee is one of the main sources of fuel at Mevo, and it’s also a great source of getting people together. So let’s set a time! I’ll brew some here, you brew some there and we’ll have a chat about how you can use Mevo to help your customers  We offer 30 days free trial to all brands, and a dedicated back end for partners to manage their campaigns. So book a time or send me a mail!


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