Let's work together!

Some of the top brands in the world use MevoApp to create knowledgeable and excited frontline ambassadors.

Is your agency ready to harness the powers of this fun digital tool? We’ll help you help your customers reach their goals through gamification, messaging, and micro-learning.


A valuable partnership

Mevo provides the platform and back end – you create and manage the content for your customer.

Your agency gets billable hours through:

  • Setting up campaigns and events.
  • Follow-up work and communication.
  • Live statistics and exportable data.

Mevo is here to:

  • Offer strategic advice on how to run successful campaigns
  • Maintain the platform and handle support requests.
  • Connect you to potential new customers from our own network.
  • Provide you with a kick a** goodie bag!

There's an app for that!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the thought crossed your mind: "There should be an app for that!"? Using an app has become the #1 way to reach a group of people with engaging and targeted content. And that's the app we have made!

We dress it with any brand's logo and profile and voilà - your very own playground to create magic. Here's some inspiration on different uses:



Engage your frontline salespeople with fun quizzes and sales contests. Educate and motivate to boost sales across the board. 


Enhance your kick-off, conference, trade fair stand, or even webinar with interactive content before, during, and after the event itself. 


Use the app for brand storytelling to build culture. Reinforce learning and create brand ambassadors through bite-sized learning modules.

Your idea

Engagement is key, and the possibilities for gamification, learning, and communication are endless. How would you use it with your customers?

Some of our partners

Partner success - how it's done

Once you have added the MevoApp to your agency’s toolbox, you have a wide range of options on how to use it. The platform elements of gamification, communication, and knowledge can be applied to almost anything you can think of where you want to educate and motivate a group of people. See how some of our amazing brand clients use the app here.

We love to brainstorm to come up with new ways to use Mevo. Don’t hesitate to challenge us to find the perfect solution for you!


Amphigean offers MevoApp as a part of its suite of learning products and services.

“Helping our customers use best-in-class tools to deliver their business programs is a significant part of what we do. The Mevo platform delivers Amphigean’s bite-size learning in an innovative way to help customers achieve their objectives.”

- Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director

See how Amphigean uses Mevo to enable their micro-learning mission

We'd love to meet!

Did you know that MevoApp actually started out as a side project in a digital agency? So we know a thing or two about the hustle and bustle of agency life. MevoApp was built from the ground up to give agencies like yours an edge against the competition! We partner with some of the most innovative agencies we know to enable them to provide forward-thinking digital solutions to their clients.

If you have an idea for using MevoApp or think your clients could benefit from this we’d love to hear from you! We offer different solutions and partnerships to agencies, so shoot me an email and we'll have a (virtual) coffee!

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Designer / partner manager
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