Privacy policy

Last updated October 5th, 2020

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is protected and managed in the MevoApp.

First, some key points concerning your privacy:

  • Mevo has created an app that allows Mevo’s Customers/Brands to create different campaigns through their own channels in the MevoApp. Users can participate in specific campaigns (contests, training, etc.) by entering a code that gives access to the Brand’s channel.
  • The Brands are responsible for the Processing of your Personal data for purposes such as arranging contest, responding to your messages and the best part; to send you your prize if you win something! In this connection the Brands are your “Data controller” and Mevo is your “Data processor”.
  • In addition, Mevo is responsible for the Processing of your Personal data for our own purposes, such as administration, tech support, security and improving the MevoApp. Mevo will then act as a Data controller. You can read more about how Mevo treats your Personal data in this Privacy Policy. All Personal data is Processed in accordance with GDPR.

2. Definitions

If you wonder what some of the words used in this Privacy Policy means; we got you.

“Privacy Policy” means this document, which gives information required by the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

“Mevo” means the company Mevo Norway AS, or us, who have developed and delivers you the Service.

The “Service” means the “MevoApp” provided by Mevo which combines competitions, quizzes, surveys, videos and messages with points and incentives.

The “Brand” or the “Customer” means the company who pays for the Service and grants you, as a User of the Service, access to the Service.

“Users” means all whom uses the Service. Also referred to as “you, your”.

“Personal data” means all information that can be used to identify a person.

“Data controller” means the company that decides the purpose of the Processing of your Personal data.

“Data processor” means the company who Processes your Personal data on behalf of the Data controller.

“Processing” means any form of operation involving Personal data, such as collecting, transfer and storage, including access to Personal data.

3. Contact information

You are free to contact us at to ask questions regarding our privacy practices and the handling of your Personal data.

4. Information about how the Customer Processes your Personal data

The Customer will Process your Personal data in different ways and for different purposes. The Customer adds all the content to the channel (except for User content) and is the one that arranges and performs campaigns including contest, quizzes, surveys and other.

You will be contacted with relevant information and news about Brands. Users may also write to the Brand in the message function and add attachments such as photos and other relevant information regarding the inquiry. We urge to not share any sensitive Personal data, such as political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs and information concerning health, in the messages.

5. Information about how Mevo Processes your Personal data

User profiles

We will collect your name, email and phone number when you sign up to use the MevoApp. We will also collect information about the company you work in/are connected to and the position you hold and your profile photo (optional). This information will all be part of your user profile. Mevo need this information in order to administrate the user profiles. The legal basis for Processing this information is the performance of the End User License Agreement with you and providing you with the Service. Your user profile will be visible for other Users in the channel.

Contests, quizzes and surveys

In order to administrate contests and other activities and to rank Users according to the contest terms, we will Process your profile information. The legal basis for Processing this information is the performance of the End User License Agreement with you and making sure that you can participate in the activities available in the Service. Information about the level and training expertise and ranking related to the activities in the MevoApp, will be added to the results section which is visible for other Users in the channel.

Tech support and security

We will also collect information about your User activity and User device (IP address, computer or mobile device and other information related to your device) in order to support the Service, prevent from unauthorized access to the Service and to handle any security incidents. The legal basis of this Processing is the performance of the End User License Agreement with you and giving you a functioning and secure Service.

Improving the Service

In order to improve the Service we will collect and analyze information about how you use the Service. Your information may be stored as part of a large pool of collected data, used for statistics purposes, but never connected to your personal details. The legal basis of this Processing is our legitimate interest of giving our Customers and Users the best possible Service.

6. How your Personal data is protected

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Mevo. Mevo will ensure that your privacy is safeguarded in accordance with the requirements stipulated in current legislation, including the GDPR. Amongst other things, Mevo ensures that the information is stored in a safe manner in accordance with current privacy laws, and that unauthorized persons will not gain knowledge of the personal information.

Mevo also ensures that the Service is designed to contain the necessary security information regarding confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

Mevo’s employees and affiliated contracting parties are obliged to comply with the laws, regulations and internal guidelines that apply to the Processing of Personal data.

7. Who your Personal data is shared with

The following partners can be granted access to the stored information: Brands/Data controllers, stores, store/group owners and employees from these businesses. These companies and individuals can only Process the information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and their own Privacy Policy and within the scope set out in the Terms of Service.

If you are registered in more than one channel, your Personal data could be stored by multiple Brands. However, brand and channel specific information like points, messages, pictures and other will never be shared between Brands and channels.

In addition, other Users will see some of your information from within the MevoApp, as described above.

8. Subcontractors

We use external subcontractors in order to deliver parts of the Service, technical support, for security reasons and data storage.

Our subcontractors are mainly located within EU/EEA. We may also use subcontractors outside the EU/EEA. For our subcontractors outside the EU/EEA will we make sure that we have a sufficient legal basis under the GDPR for the Processing and that necessary risk assessments are in order.

Note that when you login to the Service by using the login functionality of Google, Facebook or Apple, your login information will be shared with these third party suppliers outside EU/EEA.

List of subcontractors

9. How long your Personal data is stored

Personal data is deleted when it is no longer needed and otherwise, in accordance with national laws and regulations regarding, i.a., accounting and bookkeeping.

Campaigns and services in the MevoApp can be time limited and the Brand can terminate your account at any time. If the Terms of Service with the Customer is ended, the channel and all the information in the channel will be deleted.

10. Your Rights

You have the right to gain access to the information stored about you. By contacting Mevo customer service (, you can easily request access.

You have the right to have the stored information about you rectified or deleted. By contacting Mevo (, you can easily request that your Personal data will be deleted. Note, however, that Mevo may be required by law and regulations to retain the information for a longer period of time, such as for the sake of accounting and bookkeeping policies.

In case of a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss,alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to your Personal data, Mevo will inform you of the breach without undue delay.

Complaint about breach of privacy laws may be lodged to the supervisory authority of privacy in Norway, Datatilsynet. We advise you to contact us, before lodging a complaint.

If you have any questions on how Mevo Processes Personal data, please contact Mevo at Mevo will, so far as possible, answer your inquiries within 30 days.