What is MevoApp?

The tool to educate and motivate your

Gamification with MevoApp boosts motivation, drives performance and increases sales. Educate and inspire any group of key stakeholders to adopt the tools critical to their success. That's how you create true brand ambassadors.

Motivate and engage your team with visual data in real-time

With MevoApp, users can “ring the bell” digitally and celebrate achievements. They register sales or actions to earn points and win valuable prizes. Mevo's leaderboard makes it easy for users to track individual and team progress in an exciting visual format.

Supercharge employee engagement by rewarding behaviors that drive success. Empower your staff to see at a glance where they stand and what they need to do to beat the high score. 


Educate your team with dynamic quizzes and content

By answering multiple-choice quizzes in our app, the app user competes against their piers for the top score while learning more about your brand. No more boring training tools! Both learning and selling should be fun – and let’s face it: It’s even more fun when you’re winning. That’s what gamification is all about. Include videos, images or graphic elements to your quizzes to make it even more entertaining.

Communicate with your team like a pro

MevoApp isn’t just a game, it’s also a communication platform. This means you have direct access to your key stakeholders and can send them a friendly message to say hello, remind them to answer a quiz, and keep them updated on your brand’s new launches. Or even better: You can reach out and give someone a thumbs up when they’re doing a stellar job. The MevoApp closes the gap between brands and their stakeholders.


The insight you need

As an admin you get vital, up-to-date analytics with the Mevo dashboard. Know in real-time where all the activity is happening - and where it's not. Measure performance, keep track of progress and get crucial insights. You are in control!

Create brand ambassadors and ensure amazing customer service

We believe that solid knowledge, together with some friendly competition, creates enthusiastic staff who will truly know and love your brand. In sales, knowledge about your brand’s history and products will provenly increase sales and revenue. In any business, boosts of education and motivation ensures loyal key stakeholders. It builds culture and brand ambassadors for life. 


There's an app for that!

Using an app has become the #1 way to reach a group of people with engaging and targeted content. And that's the service we have made! The app provides a fun platform that connects you to your key stakeholders through gamification.

We dress the channel with any brand's logo and profile and voilà - your very own playground to create magic. Quick and easy to set up and no-hassle deployment for your clients. Here's some inspiration on different uses:



Engage your frontline salespeople with fun quizzes and sales contests. Educate and motivate to boost sales across the board. 


Enhance your kick-off, conference, trade fair stand, or even webinar with interactive content before, during, and after the event itself. 


Use the app for brand storytelling to build culture. Reinforce learning and create brand ambassadors through bite-sized learning modules.

Your idea

Engagement is key, and the possibilities for gamification, learning, and communication are endless. How would you use it with your customers?