Mevo Event

Reach attendees directly on their smartphones before, during, and after your kick-off, conference, tradeshow, or webinar.

Share schedule and information

Use the info board to post your event's agenda and other relevant info about your brand and products. The direct messaging system gives you a personal channel to communicate with your event's attendees, on an individual or group level. 

MEVO Sales Contest App | Sales Gamification Software

Use surveys to harvest feedback

Send out a short survey through the app to get input about your event. It's simple and easy to distribute and answer and gives you invaluable data to help you improve your business. 

An informal platform to stay in touch

Easier than collecting email addresses and a much more informal way of following up with attendees from your event. The 2-way messaging system allows you to send out short messages, videos, images, and links to your audience. It's also an easy way for them to reach you. 


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