Mevo Sales Contest

Play your way to increased sales and new brand ambassadors! Use gamification to ignite the competitive spirits of your sales teams.

Boost your sales with
the #1 Sales Contest App

Awesome brands like Miele, Samsung, Salomon, and Red Bull choose Mevo to make sure their brands stay top of mind where it counts the most. By engaging their frontline salespeople they ensure increased sales and increased product knowledge while building brand storytelling.

Boost competition with real-time leaderboards

MevoApp users register sales by “ringing the bell” digitally. New points mean an automatic climb on the leaderboard, and public fame and glory. Total transparency in a gamified format boosts motivation and a sense of achievement. 

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MEVO Sales Contest App | Sales Gamification Software

Include dynamic quizzes and content

Add multiple-choice quizzes to your Mevo sales contest. Include videos and images in bite-sized portions of knowledge that reward points. Quizzes equip your teams with key information about the campaign products AND let them get to know your brand. 

Applaud and nudge by direct messaging

The app's 2-way messaging system (including push notifications) is a great way to celebrate achievement and give sales teams a digital pat on the back. It's also a way to reach out to people who need a nudge and a direct line for relevant product updates and brand info.