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Use cases

MevoApp is a tool for brands to reach and engage any group of key stakeholders. It's a channel to educate and motivate them and turn them into true brand ambassadors.

The powerful features like gamification, micro-learning, and messaging can be combined in many different ways.

How about trying some of them out for yourself?
Download the app from the app store of your choice, and let the fun begin. In each section below, you will find an invite code to a demo channel.

Press here for a intro on how to add more channels to your app



Mevo is the # 1 sales contest app. It lets brands communicate directly with their sales team or retail salespeople. Your brand shares engaging content to educate and motivate. The app users register sales and answer fun quizzes to collect points (and knowledge!) and compete for fame and prizes.

Try it out for yourself with the invite code: 

  • M V D E K K


Use MevoApp to build anticipation, enhance learning, and engage attendees at any event. Connect with all employees at your company's kick-off. Or stay in touch with leads who visit your stand at a trade fair. Once they have registered in your app, you have a channel to engage them, even after the event is done.

MevoApp is a lightweight option to help retain information and create long-lasting relationships with attendees. The demo below is based on our own trip to the RetailExpo in London which you can read more about here. 

Try it out for yourself with the invite code: 

  • M V E X P O

In-house training

Use gamified learning to build culture and knowledge at your company. The Friday quiz can both teach your employees about your company and turn into a social culture-builder with leaderboards, teams, and levels. You can use it in a continuous way or as a lightweight option to raise awareness of specific topics. Is your company launching a new green initiative? Get your people onboard.

Try it out for yourself with the invite code: 

  • M T R A I N


People are your foremost resource. If your brand harnesses the power of social media influencers, MevoApp is the perfect way to connect to them with information and incentives.

Are you a sports brand with a crew of athletes that display your logo on their chest? Or maybe a lifestyle company that has a set of ambassadors that embody your brand? MevoApp allows you to communicate directly, send them updates, motivate with content, and bite-sized micro-learning modules. You can also incentivize with contests and cool prizes for points gained by taking quizzes, posting content or any other parameter.

Try it out for yourself with the invite code: 

  • M V I N F L

Want a peek under the hood?

As you can see, the options are many. These are just some samples. If you want access to the admin panel of these demos to see how they are stitched together or want to kick around some ideas with us, please send us an email and we’ll hook you up!

How to add more channels

To try out more channels, just tap on the menu-button to reveal the left hand menu, then press the white arrow next to the current channel name. There you can toggle between channels you are logged in to, or add a new one.