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SOUND OFF! 🗣 Effective Communication for Success

Why Effective Communication Is Essential To Your Organization’s Success Communication is the foundation of all organizational activities. It promotes the collaborative atmosphere that any organization needs to thrive. From making sure that everyone is on the same page to motivating colleagues to improve productivity, effective communication is a keen source for motivation, innovation, and positive …

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Learning to be Happy, Happy To Be Learning

How Learning Makes Staff Happier And More Productive Learning Makes Us Happy Did you know that learning actually makes you happier? No, really. Researchers have found that one of the things that people need to be happy is to be engaged in challenging-yet-achievable activities, and to be constantly learning new things in appetizingly bite-sized chunks. This is …

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Join Mevo’s Partner Program!

Strategic Partnerships & Partner Marketing for SaaS Partner up Mevo is partnering with leading eCommerce agencies and other various consultancies around the world to improve training and motivation for everyone. With exclusive benefits and insights, partners are equipped to better serve mutual customers, grow their business and generate leads. Whether you’re already a business owner …

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6 Ways To Spice Up Your Sales Contest

Here’s how you can add a little flavor to your next sales campaign. Using gamification can increase engagement and motivation in the workplace. It’s no wonder why more and more companies are beginning to incorporate gamification as a part of their own sales strategy. But just throwing the same old sales contest over and over …

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Gamification Made Easy

If you want to increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and put a little pizzazz into your eLearning content, gamification is a strategy you’ll seriously want to consider. What is Gamification? Gamification is a set of principles and methods, much like those used in video games, that encourages participation in an activity. It can even make …

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Black Friday Isn’t What It Used To Be

The evolution of Black Friday The term “Black Friday” was initially associated with the stock market crash of 1869. Black Friday as we know it, however, actually got its start in Philadelphia in the 1950s – when large crowds of tourists and shoppers came to the city the day after Thanksgiving for the traditional annual …

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How to Manage a successful Mevo sales Contest

Expert Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mevo Campaign “In golf, as in life, it is the follow-through that makes the difference.” – Anonymous Coming up with a clever sales contest idea is a great way to start boosting your sales numbers. Preparing for that sales contest by gathering proper resources …

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Information regarding employee discounts and gifts

When planning your MEVO campaign, it’s important to know what prizes are considered acceptable – and legal – to reward the winners. In December 2018, new legislation regarding employee discounts and gifts was enacted here in Norway. Here is what that legislation entails: Employee discounts are not considered taxable income up to NOK 8,000 per …

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Unlocking MEVO success

Want to know the winning combination to ensure your MEVO campaign is a success? Here are some hot tips from our experts to help you achieve your goals. Motivate A key component of the Mevo strategy is friendly competition. Whether internal or external, a fun competition can increase motivation, enhance productivity and performance, and adds …

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Amazon: The Battle for the Nordics

The annexation of a nation Amazon is invading Scandinavia, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Swedish real estate magazine, Fastighetsvärlden, reported the retail giant bought 3 plots of land in central Sweden. They also launched Amazon Web Services back in April 2017, and acquired the domain, which presently directs to the .de …

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Make e-learning great again

The staggering growth of e-learning in the corporate sector comes as no surprise to any of us. In today’s ever-connected society, e-learning offers oodles of benefits for both learners and organizations alike. E-learning eliminates the need for pricey printed course materials and onsite instructors, which greatly reduces overhead expenses and lowers organizations’ environmental impact. Plus, …

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Not just a retail tool, my friend.

Boost motivation among your own: How to use mevo with your sales representatives! Brands often use Mevo to motivate and inform frontline retail salespeople. But there’s another frontline that can have just as much use of the tool. Your own in-house team! With the Mevo app you can: Organize in-house challenges. Streamline communication. Track sales …

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So Close — Yet So Far

A sales contest has its price in time and money. But payoff can be huge — and its success depends on you. In the hands of the right person, the Mevo app offers you a direct line of communication to your frontline people, the ones who meet your end customer. The perfect tool to streamline sales contest preparation …

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RetailEXPO 2019: Rise of the Machines?

To find out more about how technology is changing the playing field, Mevo spent two incredible days in London at RetailEXPO 2019. There, we gained crucial insight as to how we can adapt, overcome, and emerge victorious in this Darwinian terrain. Whether consumers realize it or not, the market is evolving at an exponential rate. …

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– Technology makes everything possible. But that’s not what makes the magic happen. – It’s the human touch that makes everything come to life. Kent Bråthen, co-founder of Mevo, had worked in sales and retail for many years when he decided to start something new. He had managed a successful streetwear brand and knew a …


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When The Prize Is Right

We want the Mevo contestants to be in it to win it. But win what, exactly? There is a recipe for deciding the right prize strategy for your sales contest. Yes, fame and glory.The gamification in the app makes learning and selling more fun. Everyone can see your points and rank, which really highlights good efforts and gives …

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Solution to the retail apocalypse

The future of IRL retail

Why even bother, you may ask. The retail apocalypse is coming! It’s been looming over the retail industry’s head for some years now. As traditional shopping is being replaced by clicking, from the comfort of your own home, retailers are crumbling under the pressure. Why even bother visiting a physical store when you can do all …

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App to organize influencers

Connect To Your Pool Of Influencers

How we discovered an ingenious new use of our app. You know how we’ve been preaching the fact the Mevo is a great tool to help brands create loyal brand ambassadors? Well, brand ambassadors have existed since before there were brands. They are taste makers whose recommandations you trust. Today, this skill actually has become professionalised. We call …

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The Power Of The Emoji

How gamification puts the fun back in the business game. It might seem like a cheap trick, but hey — if it works, why ignore it? Brands and businesses have different profiles. Some are playful and fun by nature, others are a bit more… let’s just say it: Dry and uptight. Most are somewhere in between. But …

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Forces of evil

Joining The Forces Of Evil

After 17 years as a journalist, I decided it was time for me to leave. It was not so much a leap as it was a small step. Or a funky dance move, if you will. As a journalist, making the decision to take a straight up commercial job (marketing, communication and pr, sales) is often considered …

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Making Your Brand Stand Out In A Crowd

Reaching your own staff is easy. Reaching the big web of external retailers is not. The key to good branding is sharing knowledge with your frontline people. The people who actually meet your end customer. The sales reps. Anyone who ever sold anything knows that you need to be confident and know the stuff you’re selling …

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The right person for the job

Find Your Perfect Campaign Manager

Being the in-house Mevo manager means having great powers — and great responsibilities. The Mevo app is a powerful sales tool that helps your brand boost sales. As all tools, it needs a steady hand to function. That steady hand should belong to someone at your brand — someone who will be proud to call themselves the in house Mevo manager. …

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Mason jar with crayons in many colors

The secret to making a great quiz

How to educate store staff about your brand. The quizzes are a huge part of a Mevo campaign. We believe that multiple choice questions are excellent for educating store staff about your brand. It’s fun, tickles the competitive nature of the app users and it’s very effective in making facts memorable. That’s why we recommend that …

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Sales contest prizes, shiny trophies

5 Steps To Organizing A Successful Sales Contest

A checklist before you start your campaign. Organizing in-store sales contests can be a very effective way to increase sales. You appeal to salespeople’s winner’s instincts at the same time as you create team spirits. The contestants compete against each other, and stores compete against “arch rivals” in other departments. Both glory and great prizes …

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Sales staff using phones at work

Why You Want Your Store Staff To Use Their Phones

Yes, even at the workplace. And no, not only on their break. Mevo’s primary tool is the smartphone. This is where most people, not just salespeople, live their lives. As sad as that might sound, it’s (almost) true. If we don’t live there, we sure as h*** spend a lot of our time there. Research shows …

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A pile of tires

The Invaluable Value Of Good Brand Ambassadors

How to build an enthusiastic army of fans. My father quit the tire business over 30 years ago. But he still sticks to the same brand of tires as he did back then. And he will tell anyone who asks (or doesn’t ask, as the case might be) about the qualities that make “his” brand the …

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