Retail activations: From “one size” to custom fit

Better retail activations don’t have to cost more.

It’s simply a matter of strategic planning, smart tailoring, and adding some finishing touches to make sure your retail activations are really on point.

That means hitting your target accurately.

Whether it’s product training, sales contests, onboarding, or other events where brands want to connect to external sales partners, the key is to tailor content to fit the audience.

The best part? You probably have most of what you need to get started already. When you have the tools, the rest is a walk in the park.

80% base + 20% adjustments

– I think we can agree that most “one size fits all” products are more likely to fit nobody, says Fredrik Mandt, head of sales at Mevo.

Fredrik comes from an extensive background in marketing. Before joining Mevo, he was a customer, using the app to reach retail salespeople with product training and sales activations.

– One key factor when you’re trying to connect to external partners, people who don’t work directly for you, is to make them feel seen by your brand, explains Fredrik.

Being a passive listener at a lecture doesn’t do the trick. Personal communication and customized content, on the other hand:

– Connecting directly on their smartphones with content that is relevant to their specific place of work, is essential to boost results, says Fredrik.

His best practice advice is to invite different target groups into different channels in a branded app. Within a “gated community” they can access curated content together with their piers.

Re-use content for multiple occasions. Tailor-made to fit different target groups.

Custom-fit to boost ROI

However, this does not mean everything has to be made from scratch for each group. On the contrary. A solid basic framework gets your brand 80% of the way. 

Your framework should include the basic facts about your brand and products. Stuff that all your sales partners should know. Stuff many brands have tucked away in nifty Powerpoints presentations somewhere.

Once you have a solid base, it’s easy to pick and choose, mix and match, to put together the perfect content for your next retail activation.

Put some effort into your core content, and then give each campaign a little polish to ensure your content is on-point.

That’s the remaining 20%:
Tweaks, and adjustments to fit your target groups.
That could be

  • Different accounts/retailers
  • Different knowledge levels
  • Different product assortments
  • Different campaign focus

– As we all know: When the shoe fits, it’s easier to run. And it’s even more fun to run when you’re a part of a team and/or can compete to beat your piers, says Fredrik.

To learn more about how multiple, customized app channels can help you boost your results, set up a demo with Fredrik. (Ask him about how he used to do this in his old job, he loves to talk about that!) 

To learn more about how other brands use MevoApp, check out our use cases.

With minor adjustments, you can target new key players with tailored campaigns. Examples of different retail activations include:

  • Onboard new accounts and salespeople swiftly, and give them a flying start
  • Create a multi-level brand academy for your niche retailers
  • Re-use training material for different groups, to maximize ROI
  • Do a re-run of popular activations, repetition is the way to learning.

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