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10 ideas for campaign quizzes

Easy-to-adapt content that gives your campaign the right amount of information and fun.

We always recommend including some quizzes in your Mevo sales contest. And there are plenty of reasons why:

  • Quizzes about your brand and products are an excellent way of sharing key knowledge that you want your frontline people to have top of mind. 
  • Quizzes are fun! 
  • Your app audience will get extra points for quizzes = extra motivation to learn = more engagement in your contest. 
  • Publishing quizzes throughout your campaign period (and alerting the app users by automatic push notifications) make sure they remember to keep registering their sales and using the app. It’s a friendly reminder to keep chasing those points! 

So, where do you start making quizzes for your campaign? Here’s our best practice suggestion.

10 quizzes to get started

We recommend publishing 1-3 quizzes a week throughout your campaign period (depending on how much material and/or imagination and resources you have) to keep momentum.

🤓 Quiz 1 (should be released the very first day of your campaign): 
About this contest
What, why and how
Introduce the concept of your campaign: What is the focus? How can app users earn points? What can they win? And so on. 

🤓 Quiz 2 
Get to know the brand
Who we are and what we stand for.
Don’t take for granted that people know which country your brand comes from or anything else about your heritage and history. Share some basics to build your brand storytelling, include some fun facts, and include familiar faces (celebs or your own sales team – someone the app user will recognize!)

🤓 Quiz 3
Key campaign products
The news of the season
Introduce the main products of your campaign. Start with the very basics and you can build from here in the upcoming quizzes. Again: Don’t take any knowledge for granted. If the app user thinks the questions are super-duper easy – great! They will only feel super-duper smart! 

🤓 Quiz 4
Product information 1
Key selling points to know
Make one quiz per product or category and start to really drill the key selling points – the stuff you want your frontline people to communicate to your end customers. Repeat this exercise for: 

🤓 Quiz 5 and 6
Product information 2 and 3
Key info about main products or categories. Keep it light and easy, paint a general picture. You can dive into the details later. 

🤓 Quiz 7
Technology and features
It’s time to dive into the details
By now, your app audience has now established a solid basic knowledge about your brand and key products. It’s time to get a bit technical: Identify the geeky details and features that really separate your products from the crowd. You can spend some time on this and spread it out through

🤓 Quiz 8 and 9
Details that will make your salespeople shine
Give them the confidence to point out details and technological features that the customer would never discover on their own. 

🤓 Quiz 10
Time to sum it up
Repetition is key for learning. You can easily use a quiz to repeat some of your best questions from previous quizzes. 

Feeling inspired?

Hope you found this inspirational and that your mind is already buzzing with ideas on how your brand can fill this framework with your own stories and products!

We are always here to brainstorm if you want to kick some ideas around. 

Want to geek out on more quiz inspiration? Read our article on The secret to making a great quiz.

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