6 Ways To Spice Up Your Sales Contest

Here’s how you can add a little flavor to your next sales campaign.

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Using gamification can increase engagement and motivation in the workplace. It’s no wonder why more and more companies are beginning to incorporate gamification as a part of their own sales strategy. But just throwing the same old sales contest over and over can have the opposite effect on your staff. Seen the movie Groundhog Day? Repetition can be maddening. Try adding a little zest to your sales contest with some of these fun variations.

Fantasy Sales Team

Assign your staff each different football positions based on their sales records. Your top tier salespeople can be strikers and your mid-range players can be midfielders, for example. The employees can then build teams of different salespeople and chose to trade and update their teams just like their favorite fantasy sports leagues.

This type of competition is designed to not only motivate your reps to increase their own sales numbers, but to get them to encourage the others to up their game as well. After all, if Kathy from the electronics department is one of your strikers, you’re going push her to sell as many laptops as possible so you can rake in the points, right? Go Kathy, go!

“Most Wanted” Roundup

Within your industry, it’s likely you’ve had your eyes on a few major clients you’d really like to have onboard. This is where a “Most Wanted” Roundup would have a great impact. Highlight some of your “most wanted” clients, make some fun old-timey Wanted posters and divide them up among your teams. The team that is able to roundup the greater number of these highly sought-after clients gets the bounty. Cowboy hats optional.

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The Customer’s Choice Awards

Not every sales competition has to be just about making the sale. Garnering a good reputation and making sure you get repeat customers are also extremely important aspects of running a business. For this type of contest, you need to have a way to survey your customers after they’ve completed purchases. Then you can award prizes based on positive marks, and your reps will get some valuable feedback from customers in the process. In this game, everyone wins!

Sales Poker

You don’t need to be in Vegas to win it big at a hand of poker. You just need a lot of small objectives, a deck of cards, and some really jazzy prizes. Whenever a sales rep completes an objective, you let them pick a card out of a traditional 52-count deck until all the cards are gone (or until the end of your campaign, whichever comes first). The person that can create the best poker hand out of all their collected cards wins the mega jackpot. So make sure you ante up because this game is always a popular one.

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Dynamic duos

Move over, Batman and Robin! This is a great one to have in your arsenal of you have a wide variety of talent on your sales team. Match your high and low performers and have them compete together as a pair. Pairing team members up to work toward a common goal helps introduce one-on-one coaching and mentorship. Individuals can share what works for them, and the team’s overall performance improves.

Championship Belt Sales Incentive

Did you know you can buy your own boxing style championship belt and customize it? It’s not important why I know that. Just know it’s a real thing.

Money sometimes isn’t always the best motivator. Sometimes a little recognition can be enough. But if the winner gets to strut around the office with some serious bling around their waist and proclaim that they the “undisputed heavyweight champion” of your department, you’d best believe that’s going to motivate the others to want to earn that title. Especially if you can do a half-way decent Michael Buffer impression.

Whatever you decide to do with your sales contest, get creative with it. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

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