Connect To Your Pool Of Influencers

How we discovered an ingenious new use of our app.

Photo by Adrian Sava on Unsplash

You know how we’ve been preaching the fact the Mevo is a great tool to help brands create loyal brand ambassadors? Well, brand ambassadors have existed since before there were brands. They are tastemakers whose recommendations you trust. Today, this skill actually has become professionalized. We call them influencers.

In addition, many brands now connect with one or more individuals whose profile matches their brand. These connections can be more or less formalized. Some are on the permanent payroll, while others are hired for specific assignments or simply promote the brand they love with no strings attached. Either way, this is a valuable group of ambassadors that you as a brand need to stay close to.

Did you guess it? Mevo does the job!

While we originally created the platform to facilitate communication between brands and store staff, the tool is actually also perfect for connecting to and organizing influencers.

Think about it:

  • You connect with a very valuable group of people directly on their phones.
  • You can stay in touch and send them useful updates.
  • Maybe even more important: They have a platform for reaching you!
  • You can ensure they have the knowledge they need about your brand and products by releasing educational and fun quizzes.
  • It’s easy to keep track of their social media posts etc by telling them to register their posts and mentions in the app, for instance.
  • Organize fun challenges! Your influencers compete against each other, collect points by answering quizzes and register their social media posts (or whatever you want to keep track of).
  • Above all, all of this creates a sense of community and makes your influencers feel appreciated and included.
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