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Introducing Mevo Brand Hub

Create a buzzing Mevo Brand Hub to maximize your ROI.

Your Brand Hub is the place where you build fun branded content ready for market roll-out, create internal challenges, and gamify your own meetings and events. 

For our customers who operate globally, we recommend adding an internal Brand Hub to their Mevo subscription. Simply because it’s the best way to achieve our best-practice use of the software. 

Basecamp and playground

The internal Brand Hub is your basecamp and it’s your playground. It’s where your top managers connect, create and brainstorm.

Your Brand Hub is where you build extensive campaigns with creative content, ready to distribute to different markets. It’s also where you throw together a quick contest to challenge your brand’s top administration to track who’s using their bike to work this week.

The rest of your Mevo platform is divided into countries/markets. The internal Brand Hub is your HQ, where you connect the top branches of your brand across borders. If you want to reach your internal salespeople globally with targeted content, this is the place to do it. 

Best-practice ideas

on how to use your Brand Hub:

  • Build brand campaign templates for local market roll-out. 80% of the work is done centrally at your HQ, 20% is local adaptations/translations. Make sure you get the most out of your content. When you put time and resources into making something awesome – share it!
  • Educate and motivate internal salespeople. Share brand stories, marketing content, and updates. Create fun challenges and sales contests to boost engagement.
  • Gamify your sales meetings and events. Launch an app for your kickoff, seminar, or even trade fair, where the attendees get information and can participate in fun challenges. 
At the end of the day, it’s about creating and sharing your brands content for engaging brand ambassadors

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