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DIY digital advent calendar

Give your brand that dazzling holiday sparkle with your custom app advent calendar!

Engage your key audience with daily mini-treats throughout the advent season. An app is the perfect platform to organize your brand or company’s advent calendar.

MevoApp can make that happen! It’s not the main feature of our platform, but it can certainly serve the purpose. In addition to all the other things it can do, of course.

Corporate advent fun

Christmas or advent calendars are a huge tradition in Germany and Scandinavia, and the rest of the world is catching up. It’s the perfect countdown to the 24th of December: Opening one little window each day from the first of December. 

Originally a custom reserved for private homes, and mainly for kids, this tradition has expanded over the last decades. Today many brands and businesses use this opportunity to reach out and engage an audience for 24 days. 

Advent calendar challenge

For this use, making the advent calendar digital makes perfect sense (the kids at home should still get their analog treats, of course). 

Whether you want to engage end consumers, newsletter recipients, own employees, or any other segment, inviting them to a customized app would definitely increase the excitement. 

An advent calendar packaged as a gamified pre-holiday challenge is your opportunity to reach and engage valuable audiences – 24 days in a row!

So, why should they choose to participate? The reasons are many:

Example of 1 day’s quiz.

Prizes for digital advent calendars

That last point is key. Sure, advent calendars are sweet and nice. But the reason why they are so incredibly popular is that you get a gift. Or at least the possibility of a gift. 

So, how do you use MevoApp for your advent calendar? Originally a sales contest and product training tool, the app’s features can be set up to accommodate a holiday challenge as well:

  • Share a short quiz each day of your advent calendar. Each quiz gives points and increases your winning chances. Pro tip: When we say short, we mean 1 question. And keep it light and fun.
  • Use the levels function to award small milestone prizes along the way.
  • Send out messages with fun holiday messages to all users.
  • Include an extra challenge where users can collect points for registering activity. Perfect for employee activation. Pro tip: Award points for donating to charity or using your bike to work instead of driving.
Of course, analog advent calendars are still the best.

Sounds interesting?

We love to find ways for you to engage and motivate with maximum bang for buck and time. Schedule a free inspiration session to see if we can find your perfect solution! Book a time below and write “XMAS” in the comments for a secret goodie (since it’s almost advent)! 🎄

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