Case study: Frydenbø’s themed sales contests 

This car dealer gives their sales contests fun seasonal twists.

“Spooky October”, “Nerdy November”, and “Christmas Countdown” are some of the creative sales contest ideas they have had so far. 

By using the quiz function in their Mevo platform for seasonal trivia and fun facts about their colleagues, Frydenbø makes the experience super entertaining and adds extra excitement. They also use the quizzes for sharing knowledge about new car models, for example, the launch of the new Volvo EX90. 

– The instant gamification effect and the public scoreboard really ignite our employees’ competitive spirits, says Linda Hjortland Carlsen, digital marketing manager at Frydenbø. 

By including all their dealers in the same app, they also build culture across a spread-out organization.

Smooth and easy

Frydenbø is one of Norway’s leading Volvo dealers. They have dealerships in several locations on the south and west coast, recently adding six more to their organization. Their range of vehicles also includes other brands, like Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, and Renault. 

The car dealers use MevoApp to organize sales contests. The goal is to boost engagement, build culture across their organization, and of course, at the same time give their sales an extra boost. 

The salespeople collect points for each deal they make, that part is pretty basic. But where Frydenbø gets really creative, is in their quiz section

Creative campaigns

Before Mevo, Linda Hjortland Carlsen and her colleagues used to set up some very manual and time-consuming contests involving fun quizzes and challenges. Their content was already great! They only needed a great platform to make the logistics smoother and more accessible for everyone. 

When Frydenbø started using MevoApp, they got the perfect framework for their fun campaigns. 

– Themed sales contests are a great way to come up with content and gear up the fun, says Linda. 

Themed quiz fun

In their Halloween-themed “Spooky October” one quiz asked people to guess their colleagues’ worst phobia. 

The “Nerdy November” had them reaching deep within their memory to fetch solutions to (pretty easy) math equations.

In the “Christmas Countdown” they introduced a greedy Grinch who could steal points.

The informal, non-work-related quizzes sprinkled between informative quizzes on cars and such, makes the whole experience a whole more exciting. 

– It’s easy to get creative with the content and different campaigns when the platform makes it so easy. It’s super smooth to set up and very easy to communicate directly to our sales teams, says Hjortland Carlsen

We can’t wait to see what Frydenbø comes up with next! 

– It’s been really fun following Frydenbøs Mevo campaign! The clear themes, the light, informal tone, and of course all the GIFs in the presentations have been really inspiring. Frydenbø has really succeeded in combining the fun, the learning, and the team building in one channel towards their teams, says Sondre Moland, customer success manager at Mevo. 

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