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Up close and digital

Sales and retail: How to recreate the close, personal connections from IRL in digital training? 

How do you launch new products and train your teams, internally and externally, when you can’t get up on that stage and preach? You don’t have the possibility of gathering everyone at an event and do your usual show-and-tell.

So how do you get the message out there? 

A digital stage

A gamified, digital solution will make it happen. It’s the digital stage you need to educate & motivate your teams:

  • Incentivize with fun quizzes and contests
  • Make sure you stay close – from a distance
  • Reach wide and connect closely with messaging
Organize a sales contest including educational and fun quizzes to keep your teams engaged and motivated. Everyone joins in from their smart phones.

Digital tools are the way to go to stay ahead while practicing social distancing

Many parts of everyday work life are different these days. We can’t meet up with teams and partners the way we’re used to. That’s affecting everything from trainings to kickoffs. You don’t get those personal encounters, you don’t get to shake hands and give encouraging pats on the back.

The new normal

Digital is the new normal in many new areas, and the demand for solutions that make sure you stay close to your co-workers and partners, while keeping a distance, is urgent. 

By moving operations and processes to a digital platform you can achieve that, and at the same time create a sense of togetherness.

With gamification it makes everything more fun, and also a nice way to make sure you include as many as possible.

Check out our free demo to see how it can be done!

Get those competitive juices flowing with leaderboards and some friendly competition.

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