ELKO case story: Electric Engagement

Elko’s innovative outreach to cement their #1 position.

ELKO is Norway’s leading supplier of electrical equipment, with traditions dating back to 1945. Always at the forefront of innovative ideas, they have now launched a tailored app to engage their core target group: Electricians.

Tone Strand, Elko

Electricians set up electric equipment in private homes and businesses every day. Naturally, it’s important for ELKO to reach and engage this frontline of workers. Making sure their brand is top-of-mind.

– We are delighted to see electricians appreciate our initiative, says Tone Strand, digital marketing lead at ELKO.

– It’s especially exciting to see that they are taking time out of their busy schedule to answer quizzes and collect points, she says.

The super-short quizzes serve bite-sized knowledge about ELKO’s brand and products, as well as fun facts and entertaining trivia. Once a week there’s a new quiz, with new points to be collected.

The electricians also collect points for choosing ELKO products at the wholesaler. 

– An undisputed success

The ELKO loyalty campaign was set up to last 3 months. Within a few days of its launch, ELKO’s target number of participants had already been reached. After two weeks, they passed their target by more than 30%. 

– This campaign has been an undisputed success, evaluates Sigbjørn Wiig, channel program manager at ELKO when the first campaign period is over.

Fun, bite-sized learning served in snackable portions for busy electricians.

Tradition and innovation

ELKO was established by two young Norwegian engineers after the end of the second world war, back in 1945. 

The company is founded on almost 80 years of history. Traditions run deep. At the same time, their industry is booming with new technology and possibilities. 

ELKO is the brand electricians use in class when they learn the trade. The brand is present in most Norwegian and Swedish homes. Their light switches and sockets are a part of most people’s daily routines. 

But the wholesale shelves are getting tighter. A wider diversity of brands and options are moving in. New generations of electricians enter the workforce. For ELKO, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game and make sure their brand and products keep their number one position among their primary target group: Electricians. 

Knowledge and loyalty

That’s why they launched their digital engagement campaign. The app is a platform for learning and direct communication. All electricians are invited to join and learn more about the brand and products. 

ELKO chose MevoApp because they needed to create a branded experience that was easy to set up and easy to use. 

– We wanted to keep it light and fun, says Tone Strand at ELKO.

– At ELKO, we do more in-depth product training and webinars as well. The Mevo campaign is a supplement to our existing activities and a way to get a closer, personal connection with the electricians.

The 2-way messaging system in the app allows for direct questions to the brand and is an opportunity to get useful technical info and updates. 

Spreading the word

ELKO invitation in Norwegian

ELKO used a range of platforms to invite their target group to the app. Their first loyalty campaign was promoted through:

  • Social media posts on LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Their newsletter
  • Webinar
  • Sales booths at different wholesalers

Word-of-mouth is also a key factor in a campaign like this.

– It really boosts results when they think the app is fun to use, the content is entertaining and the tone of voice is very light, says Tone Strand.

Gamification and points (and some awesome prizes, of course) add to the excitement. Over 70 percent of the app users reported that they thought the campaign was really fun to attend. They especially appreciated the quizzes and getting to know ELKO better.

When ELKO launched new products during the campaign period, they made sure to include new material in the app to let the electricians know. A short quiz also validated that they had got the information right.

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