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Share live stream events in your branded app

Reach your brand’s target audience directly on their phones.

Live stream events is an increasingly popular way to build brand advocacy.

However, reaching your target audience and potential brand ambassadors with live video content can be a challenge: Did they get the email? Did they sign up? Do they have the time to attend?

How do you make sure you reach the right people with the right content? And where should they find it?

MevoApp is a fully branded, direct channel to your different segments and target groups. Read more about the other features of the app here.

Being the best platform to engage and build brand ambassadors, of course this is where you should stream your live events, as well!

Making sure you reach the right people:

  • on their personal phones
  • in a context where they already have a connection to your brand
  • in a format that fits their schedule
  • on their own terms.

Digital and personal

While the MevoApp is not a streaming platform in itself, it is set up to include live streams that open directly in-app. Connect it to our fun features like live countdowns and pre-scheduled messages to make sure your app users tune in at the right time.

Webinars, product launches, contest winner announcements, or a kick-off – whatever your content is, the MevoApp is the place to do it.

Case story: See how Samsung used MevoApp to tease and share the unpacking of their new product.

And, if someone misses it, the recording is right there in the app with no extra work.

Digital meetings, digital events, and webinars are all a part of our new normal. As much as we love IRL meetings and events, the pandemic showed us all that digital events can be social and fun as well.

Attending meetings in your pajamas – what’s not to like?

Streaming live in 3, 2, 1!

Add a countdown to your live event to build suspense.

Livestreaming on Youtube is increasingly popular, and it’s a great way for brands to build interactive relationships to their core following.

While the streaming technology is all YouTube, connecting the live event to your branded app, makes the experience more personal:

Your logo on top.

Your team sending out messages directly to your audience.

Use the app to harvest feedback on your live stream through the easy survey function.

Examples of live streaming events that is perfect to include in your MevoApp is:

  • Announcing winners of contests and challenges held in the app
  • Reveal new products and launches
  • Webinar sharing useful and interesting knowledge
  • Kick-offs or other social events

When the live stream event is over, your target group can watch the whole thing again. The recording will be available as a normal YouTube video after the live stream has ended.

That way you make sure all your brand’s content can be found where it belong:

In your own branded app, at your audience’s fingertips.

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