Find Your Perfect Campaign Manager

Being the in-house Mevo manager means having great powers — and great responsibilities.

The Mevo app is a powerful sales tool that helps your brand boost sales. As all tools, it needs a steady hand to function. That steady hand should belong to someone at your brand — someone who will be proud to call themselves the in house Mevo campaign manager.

Having the right person in this position is a key factor in order for your campaign to succeed.

So who will it be?

It doesn’t have to be someone in your marketing team. It could be someone in sales, in communication or somewhere else in your organisation. The important thing is to pick one person who is dedicated to your Mevo campaign and really invested in the project.

Someone who knows your sellers and what triggers them. To follow the campaign through from the beginning. The right person for the job of campaign manager.

Let’s give you some clues as for what to look for:

  • First of all: One person. Someone to be the point of contact for Mevo and for the users of the Mevo app.
  • This person is really enthusiastic about the idea of using a digital tool to run campaigns and communicate with store staff.
  • Your Mevo campaign manager has access to sales triggering information about your products and know how to communicate this.
  • He or she has a good relationship with your sellers and know how to engage them.
  • They understand that they need to block out some time in their busy schedule to 1. Learn how to use the tool and 2. Follow up regularly throughout the campaign and beyond.
  • They are eager to invest time to get the maximum out of the Mevo tool and enjoy communicating directly with sellers and store staff.
  • In addition, if they have an analytical mind and thrive on watching graphs and numbers climb, you have a winner!

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