How to Manage a successful Mevo sales Contest

Expert Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mevo Campaign

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“In golf, as in life, it is the follow-through that makes the difference.”

– Anonymous

Coming up with a clever sales contest idea is a great way to start boosting your sales numbers. Preparing for that sales contest by gathering proper resources and organizing ahead of time is an even better way. But a good, clean follow-through strategy is key.

Our experts are here with a quick guide to teach you how to run a successful Mevo campaign that will not only increase sales but also create frontline brand ambassadors.


  • Contest Items – Think about what you want to focus your campaign on. Are there certain products you want to push your team to sell? Particular projects you want completed? Perhaps there are routines and protocols you’d like your team to improve on. These Contest Items are the key ingredient in Mevo’s recipe for success, so get creative and be sure to incorporate them into your campaign. Once you’ve got that, you’re ready to start setting up.
  • Units – Who will be competing, and who will they be competing against? Will it be store vs. store? Bartenders vs. Servers? Every man for himself? Gather up your players and fill in your Dealers and Positions ahead of time. You can download our Dealers Template directly from the Mevo admin panel and upload it once you’ve completed it. This can save you a lot of time if you have several stores/teams involved – especially if you plan on using the same teams often.
  • Quizzes and SurveysCreate enough quizzes beforehand so that you have enough to publish at least 2-3 each week during your campaign. Quizzing your team about the Contest Items will ensure they know more about those particular products, but don’t forget to include some quizzes about related products or some “fun facts” quizzes about the brand itself. And be sure to create a survey or two! A bit of feedback can help you improve your performance as well.


  • Brand Academy – Know your content will be published at the right time, every time. Set your quizzes and surveys to publish the exact dates and times you wish by using the convenient Schedule function in the admin panel.
  • Points – Be sure you award an appropriate amount of points for your Contest Items, Quizzes, and Surveys based on your priorities and goals. Make them work for the big points, but be sure to have plenty of easy points to keep everyone involved.
  • Prepare the staff – Announce the competition at least a week ahead of time. Your staff needs to prepare, too. Send out an email or post a memo telling them how to download MevoApp from Google Play and AppStore and give them the Invite Code. It’s important that you give them clear instructions on how to register a new user and ask them to sign in right away. This will ensure everyone is ready to play once the sales contest has started.


  • Dashboard – Check your dashboard often to see live, up-to-date activity. Not only will you be able to see who’s leading the pack, but you’ll also be able to see who needs a bit of encouragement.
  • Messages – Utilize the Message functions to keep motivation up and keep your teams informed throughout the entire campaign. Give praise, share important information, send photos, or just say hello. There’s a handy Schedule function there as well, so you’ll never forget to wish an employee a happy birthday or send a congrats on a work anniversary. Getting acknowledgment directly from the boss is motivation all on its own! The Automatic function allows you to send push notifications to users every time new content is published.
  • Prizes – Remember to give out the prizes to your winners right away. After all, they held up their end of the bargain by being engaged, learning new behaviors and improving their skills. Show them that you’ll always be trusted to hold up yours, and you’ll earn a Brand Ambassador for life.
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Remember: If you need any assistance, we have experts available to help guide you.

Good luck from us at Mevo!

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